my pep helm finished

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well, here u go, small details still need to be covered but for the most part its finished and just needs to be covered in foam padding.
criticize and comment, i dont really care, i want opinions and valuable advice for the near future, perhaps for the CQB helm...
but for now, here u go

and when its dark, follow the lights.

thats it...small minor defects such as the bubbly visor and glue gun's glue around it but its there for a reason, to hold the visor in place.
nah, bondo, but my sanding skills arent really that good, it reflects upon the helmet. i tried to make it not look too rustic, too homemade but it clearly shows on the helm. otherwise, i can just say that its wear and tear from plasma
looks good. i would say though that it needs to be sanded more and smaller details added. i cant really place what about it makes it look too home-made to me.
you can lightly sand your paint and then put glaze on it if you want.

i would suggest taking your visor out, cleaning all that excess silicone off, and regluing it. i think that is the biggest detractor on your helmet's overall look. if you are going to silicone the visor in, you should definitely smooth it out before it cures. the way to do that is take a cup of water, dip your finger in and smooth it out with the tip of your finger. every few inches, just wipe your finger off, re wet it, and repeat.
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