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Well, here is a look at what I've been up to lately, and how far I've progressed on my pepakura armor. I used the scoring method for the folds on the chest piece, but hadn't discovered it yet when I was working on the biceps. But I think they came out okay...

Um....maybe someone will point this out and maybe they won't, but today was my first lesson in fiberglass. It works well, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Oh well...its drying as I'm posting this...

I decided I would 'experiment' on the left bicep first since it was only 9 printed pages and if I ever had to redo it I wouldn't be too heart broken. (I've already had to redo a chest and helmet...ugh)
The chest looks good! Im not too sure what fiberglass should look like, so I cant really help you there
it would work, just trim and use body filler then sand more...where in orlando do you live at?
Spartan-419 said:
Ok, what is pepakura? Is it basically like card paper? Can it be bought at Wal-Mart?
Pepakura is Japanese for paper-craft, and in the context of this forum specifically it is a computer program with which a 3-D model can be unfolded, printed out and assembled in the real world.

Cardstock is the medium which most of us seem to have chosen, and yes, it can be bought at Walmart.
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Alright...well heres a bit of an update on my progress thus far. I've fiberglassed my other bicep, so now both of those have been glassed. I tried, rather unsuccessfully I might add, to fill them with some expanding foam, but I broke the seal on the top of the can and it started squirting out everywhere, and well....MOST of it made it into the pieces. Apparently, "secure the tube to the top of the can", means something different to the people at Great Stuff than it does to me. But I've used this stuff before and recognized my mistake....still I guess I was just anxious.

Alright, well back on the subject of fiberglass...I decided to fiberglass just the top of the chest because I was running a little low on supplies. It went generally okay, except I'm a bit worried about two things.

1. The overally form of the chest once its done. I'm worry it might have become a bit to bent in the fiberglassing stage. You can see what I'm talking about in the second picture on the left near the top.


2. I'm a bit worried about the two bottom pieces of the chest which wrap around your waste and connect the back to the front. I'm a bit unsure how to make sure those stay extended while I'm glassing and working on the chest...anyways....just some concerns of mine. Maybe someones got an idea for some kind of support?

I remember seeing some thread on these forums concerning making your own 'body' which tubes and duct tape...just something to hold your stuff on. I'll try looking for it again...but I wasn't able to spot it the first time...

Well....happy reading!

i think you should have brush resin on it 1st on the front then put glass on the back. now it will take you more tim eto smooth everything out
Well I went out today and bought some body filler and some more sand paper. Checking on my chest this morning....the spartan chest....I found that only one part got damaged. It got fiberglassed but bent....

I don't think its too much off a problem though. I'm going to sand down that fiberglass and put another layer on the back and hopefully that will straighten it out. I've also figured out a great way to fiberglass my chest while maintaining its form.

I was doing the work outside and close to me is this little overhang on the side of my house. So I got some really strong line and made a sort of hanging device to hold my chest piece on while I work on it.

For the parts I haven't done yet...I'm going to coat on some resin first and then put on the fiberglass...per Sean and Link's orders.

I'm learning alot though about this stuff and I think I'm getting better at it so thanks for all the help so far guys!
wheres the damage part at? if its on a flat area you can cut that out get a piece of plastic thick (make sure its longer than the part you want to repair) and temp glue on there (the front) and fiberglass the back and once its dry knock the plastic off and start sanding it
Hey link....

I'm at work right now but when I get home I'll take a picture of it and put it up. I should be there around 6:30. But it is on a flat area.
SuperHeroV1.0 said:
Hey link....

I'm at work right now but when I get home I'll take a picture of it and put it up. I should be there around 6:30. But it is on a flat area.

ok kool
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Sorry link, people at work were whining for help.

Anyways...only an hour and a half late. Heres the issues....don't judge to harshly.

So far...these are the only areas affected...any suggestions would be appreciated.
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