My Spartan Laser

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lol i do. I have a laser sight that didnt fit on my gun. It has a wire connection that would normally run from the laser to the pistol grip with a button you press to turn the laser on and when you let it go it turns off.

The barrel of the laser looks just like a flashlight so thats gonna be easy. I have been working on my pepakura helmet (fiberglassing is going easier than expected) so i havent had time to work on the laser but i do plan to spend some time on it tomorrow. I purchased an x-acto knife and some sandpaper today. I have to go back tomorrow and get somemore styrofoam boards.
not bad im ussually skeptical about using foam for anything buy this has seemed to have turned out nicely
good job ;-)
it looks pretty good so far. i really want to see how this life sezed laser looks like in the end

if it was me, id probably get lazy at this stage and keep it 2D-ish.
Thats great, you can use that diagram of the laser i posted, its 98cm. That pic is at 100% but i just put it in paint and increased the size to 125% because 98cm (Halopedia says that is the size of the laser) is too small.
im going to home depot tommorrow to buy wood
did halopedia say how wide it was
(i cant get on to halopedia idk why!!)
No it didnt i dont know why, but i think those dimensions are wrong because they are too small for me let alone the cheif. I got the rest of my materials today so i might put up some more pics tonight or tomorrow.
I'm eyeballing the width, but basically like 5 - 5 1/2 inches. These boards are like 1 - 1 1/4 inches thick and im using 5 of them. I only have two cut out so far, im done for the night tho.


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