my start of the needler

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heres my needler so far...i might change the angle of it just alittle, its made mostly out of resin, i used the color changing paint i have lights in it but i took them out but i'll put them back in later on


thanx for looking
That looks very sweet. My only suggestion would be the "jaws" on the top and bottom of the barrel aren't closed enough.

Where exactly did you acquire the crystal shards from, and how much did they run you?
yeah i was looking at the jaws..i think the glue came undone. the crystals are Acrylic Bar that i cut and sanded so the leds have soemthing to catch the light and it gives a frosted look to it
just alittle competition but he finshed before me (when i was working on his armor)
Wow, that's a great looking needler so far. I suggest that you put a small bar from the top of the inside part to the bottom so you can hold it.

But still, kudos to you man. Great job.
i'm pretty sure that the lights inside the crystals are painted pink. His friend made one for me and that's how his is. it looks very realistic.
i have lights that turn them pink when lite up....its still not done, might get back on it later on
Where do you get said acrylic bar? I'm thinking of making a needler too, and I'll need needles. Any recomended places that sells them cheap?
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