My Torso Armor

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Yeah. I'd go with that. My helm has them too. Remember it's nota thing that you can do in an hour or two. Making armour is a long term hobby.
hi im new and i decided im gonna meake some armor :hyper: any tips on makin this easier?
i have pepakura and the cardstock and the glue
i dont have a printer at this moment cause im in a hotel

Ryan Ultima

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sweet, somone should make a red suit and somone should make a blue suit.

in fact we should all make different shades of blue and red and make a real life red vs. blue movie! I get to be Sarge


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Leadingspartan said:
letter size is 8.5x11 right? Do you have pics?
Your freaking kidding me right? You know how everyone says to look around for stuff? Yeah, the pics are IN THIS THREAD!
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