My Torso Armor

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Made with Pepakura (THANKS FRAZ!)


Front Left:

Back Left (ran out of primer... :evil: ):


Back Right:

Front Right:

It's amazing how well this turns out. Now I have to find a way to get the helmet and proportion it so I can do that next. Let's face it, the helmet is the coolest part anyhoo. :lindsey:
I ran out of primer. I want to put probably five coats of primer on the outside and at least two on the inside before I do anything.

Thanks link. I wish I could take credit, but I just put the pieces together. Built all of this in about six hours time. (maybe a bit more but not much)
well i need to get some cad files to try it or theres a different way of doing this
I used the .pdo that Fraz supplied in the papercrafting thread.

However, this is a bit big on me, and I'm not a very small guy. Very hard to squeeze into without tearing it (I think I'm going to mod it for a fast an convenient way to get in) despite the fact its large on me.

Actually, looking at everyone elses pictures it is definately too large on me. I don't have a big enough mirror to take my picture in it. Maybe tomorrow I'll fool around with the timer setting on my camera and show you.
Wow! :shock:

That looks sweet! VERY well done!

I don't really want to make the armor, but I definatly wouldn't mind buiding the MC's helmet. Have any tips on this program? Maybe I'm just dumb but I tried it out a couple of times but got less than desired results.

Just need to get ahold of a ODST model... ;-)
Buy? Hehe, no sir, that would not be appropriate, considering the program and templates are here in this forum. Here's the thread:

Pepakura is the software used. And in there is the .pdo for the chest that Fraz saved.

I bought the card stock at Wal-Mart. 125 letter sized pieces for $5.50. Used tape on the inside as much as possible.

Btw, the .pdo is set up for A4 paper, not letter. You'll need to change the paper preferences and then re-arange all of the pieces on each sheet of paper so they fit.
did you print it out, that is a big printer if ya did, and i would use hot glue instead of tape, and maybe back it up with some rubber cement. but be careful of the fumes :death:
Fraz said he used the 3D model that can be found in the tutorial. I have NO experience with that what so ever. I only maneuvered around the .pdo that he saved himself (which you have to have a registered version to save, btw)

I should be able to answer any questions that revolve around manipulating the .pdo file that Fraz created, but not much else.

And one piece of advice: Since you can't save without registering it, DON'T CLOSE THE PROGRAM UNTIL YOU ARE FINISHED. You may have to reprint a piece or two and then you have to reset it all up for letter paper all over again (unless you print on A4, then it should be ok).

I was using Elmers and it wouldn't stay down, and I lacked patience to really let stuff dry before moving on. (your talking about 10 minutes between every piece and this thing is about 100 pieces).
I just downloaded Fraz's templates. Oh man, they are great. I doubt I'll ever make a MC suit (way too short) but it's always good to have them anyways.

Some of those pieces just barely fit onto letter-sized paper. Did you have any problems concerning this?
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