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I've known about the 405th for a couple years now, but it took my awesome new girlfriend to use her GrifballHub connections and get in touch with Sean Bradley and kick-start my cosplay career. My ODST kit arrived April 1, and I hope to have it ready in time for RTX 2014. As a full time engineering manager at a local business jet cabinetry installer, I'm limited on build time, so updates may be few and far between. For example, one month later I have just finished cutting the excess plastic from around the edges of the vacuum-formed parts (about 15 actual hours). But I am committed to meeting my RTX deadline, so it's time to get serious.

Thanks for your input. Maybe it will inspire me to get more work done.

Armor kit unboxing:

Additional supplies:


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Nice start, that kit. You might want to fix the links, though.

Try inserting the direct link into the
 tags. It's what I do, and it works fine.

Alternately, the links to your images are below.
I was hesitant to use photo bucket- in my many years on the internet all I seem to see from them are broken links. But the 405th tutorials said to use them. I'll try fixing them this afternoon when I'm chilling at my mom's house. Thanks for the heads up.
You can try tinypic for your pictures. That's what I mostly use now. Never had a problem with it. :)
Fail Bucket

After posting the links, I started arranging the photos into albums on the Photobucket site and naming the pictures. Apparently that altered the links and broke my post here. FACEPALM. I'm used to other sites like Flickr and Google Drive, where assigning personal albums/folders doesn't change the file URL. I'll just have to organize the pictures before posting them from now on.
Sounds familiar. If you even hint at moving a pic on photobucket stuff breaks. It's not ideal if you need to reorganize.
Nice man.i love it :)

Thanks. I managed to finish drilling and slotting, and started sanding the ragged edges i made cutting the overflow. Done with calves; forearms are next. After those major straight edges (seams that must be straight and clean), the rest are minor clean up. Then on to pre-paint rivets and surface prep for paint. Hopefully I'll be painting by next weekend and have some pictures to post.
After talking it out with my girlfriend, I've decided not to rush to be ready for this RTX. I would rather take my time, include the extras like fiberglass and detail paint, and plan on being done for RTX 2015. I'll continue to post progress, but I have business travel in early June, so there will be some lost time.
Inspired by my friend Rally Fox, I will be updating this thread weekly with WIP Wednesday. This will keep me on task so that I have something to post each week.

WIP Wednesday #1:

I finished trimming the mold overfill with my Dremel. Then I drilled holes and cut slots for the nylon straps in the belt pieces. I made the zip tie holes 1/8" by mistake, so I need to open them up to 1/4". Knowing the layers of paint will make all the holes and slots smaller, I need to open them up a bit. Any suggestions on how thick base coat plus auto paint usually gets?



As you can see in the image above, I put a bit of nylon strap, an 1/8" zip tie, and a D-ring in place to see how it looks. The nylon strap is still a tight fit through the slot and is shreading really quickly. I need to smooth the edges of the slot once I'm done opening it up.


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im currently working on a pep project for next rtx but im hoping to have the armor set done buy the halo anniversary launch so i can pick it up in armor good luck uve got some work ahead of you
If you plan on using an airbrush or airgun, I'd guesstimate that paint would add about 1 - 1.5mm of thickness MAX.
No, just spraying it out of the can it comes in. I can't afford to buy air guns or any other tools at this point.

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Time for another #WIPWednesday!

Yesterday I plugged in the palm sander and smoothed out the straight edges on the gauntlets and calf pieces. They fit together much nicer now. This coming week I will hand-sand any remaining rough edges. After that, I'll open the drilled holes and slots to allow for paint thickness.




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I'm part way into sanding the edges. Going to be several dust-covered nights.

Reading Sean's instructions on fiberglass and/or bondo, I've decided I'll leave the parts un-reinforced. It's a lot of work, a lot of supplies and equipment I can't afford, a process I'm unfamiliar with, and too much I can mess up. Sean's instructions say he's worn his un-reinforced without major issues. So after sanding, it will be straight on to joining the calves and riveting the pre-paint assemblies.

In other news, these arrived from Tactonyx yesterday!





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#WIPWednesday for two weeks. Last week I sanded the edges smooth around all the leg pieces (boots, ankles, calves, shins, knees) and this week I did the same for everything up to the waist (thighs, hips, butt, cod, belt buckle). Later this week will be shoulder bells, and next week the rest of the torso.

Next phase is either buffing the surfaces to be painted, or riveting and bonding sub-assemblies. I need some input ftom others who have done the Bradley kit- is it better to assemble the chest, stomach and abs sub-assembly, then buff and paint it? Or should I buff and paint the parts individually before riveting them together? Thanks.
blackout11c HaloGoddess @mOWWck Tahnk you for the picture help. Since then, I've been very careful to name and arrange the pictures in PhotoBucket before linking, then never touch them again. Recently I discovered that if I post an image using the Tapatalk app, I can send it straight from my camera phone, and Tapatalk hosts the image and provides the link. I'll probably be doing it that way from now on until I make an album for the finished product.

zander013 I'll be following your build if you follow mine ;) Good luck!

AI Blue Fox Slow and steady wins the race! I hope to have something to show off around Extra Life and the MCC release, but RTX 2015 is the drop-dead date.

anhtrung Demogorgon Thanks for the support.

Sorry there was no #WIPWednesday this week, but I'm installing ceiling fans in my new house. I'll get back to work next week.
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So my progress pretty much came to a grinding halt for a few months. I received a promotion at work, which multiplied my team size and workload tenfold. On top of that, my girlfriend and our dogs kept getting sick, so I was playing nurse and ambulance driver. Sadly, the littlest dog passed on. But the bigger two dogs have a clean bill of health, and my GF is doing great in her recovery. So on with the build!
Started out easy: going back and opening the holes and slots to allow for paint build up, and make them look nice. Going to pick up a file tonight for the nylon strap slots. Widdling away at it with a Zacto knife isn't cutting it.
Once I finished what I could with round holes (power drill), I moved on to assembling the belt buckle. Had my first fore into flame-molding the plastic, and got to rivet the braces into place (I enjoy riveting).
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