Need an Emergency Visor Solution - Motorcycle Visor did not arrive and Con is next week.


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Hey team. I'm almost finished my Mark V suit. Just need to do some sealing and painting.

For the helmet, I ordered a cheap motorcycle visor on Aliexpress over two months ago... and it hasn't arrived. The estimated delivery was supposed to be for the 21st.. .of September, and tracking isn't helping. It's similar to this

This is becoming a significant issue as the convention I'm building this suit for is next week. I'm beginning to prepare for the worst.

Sourcing a new one locally will be a bit of an issue as 1. They're few and far between here and 2. they'll be hideously expensive.

I know some people build ODST visors out of plastic manila folders, but this'll be difficult for the Spartan Helmet as it has to be all one piece. My helmet looks shoddy enough as it is.

Are there any other solutions for building a makeshift visor?


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Have you checkout any thrift shops in your area? You could get a helmet cheap then rip the visor out. I know you said they're rare in your area, but you never know what those shops hold.


If you can find some transparent plastic sheet that you can bend into the visor shape that also somewhat holds that shape, you could use gold spraypaint to kinda mirror it. The result isn't too great, but you can't really see in from the outside, and you can see from the inside as if the visor was fogged up.


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if you have a 3liter bottle of pop from the dollar tree fill it with hot water to make the glue let go the cut the bottle to fit your helmet. and there you have a emergency visor. you can even dye it gold if you want and then tape the window tint that THE WOLF said. and you will get through the con.