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hi im new and i cut out all the pieces to the crotch piece and need to know if i glue them or tape them
yea my crotch piece is glued all over now and is in one piece but while i was glueing it some of the pieces didnt fit right so i had to bend the piece a lil bit is that alrigtht and the crotch doesnt look exactly like its supposed to is that normal
i think so but i saw all the lines and wasnt sure which were moutain folds or valley folds so i just went along folding the pieces and glued them all together i can put some pictures up of it to show you guys

back of the crotch piece
side of the crotch piece
front of the crotch piece
well the front looks the best but around the back and a lil bit on the sides
so is that acceptable will it work or not
yea but i dont no if there moutain folds or valley which ones are the dotted and which ones are the solid lines
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