Need help finding techsuit material

So I thought I'd talk about how im going to make undersuit then you guys can let me know what I could do to help with process.
First thing I need to do is find a fabric that is very similar to the yayahan faux leather that I have, except its cheaper and there's a lot of it. Then we will buy some patterns online and make sew the first undersuit out of the cheaper material. Once that is complete we will redo the pattern intill it is a perfect fit for what I need. Now that we have our patterns and have some practice, it's time to sew the actual undersuit.
Hopefully things will go well with sewing the real undersuit, its a perfect fit and nothing explodes. Now it's time to add details. The first and hardest thing to do is draw the "seams". After I have drawn on all of the seams I can do the more fun stuff like adding 3d elements, and colors. am going to use Eva foam, some sort of silicone rubber (probably dragon skin) and maybe some 3d printed details. Then it should basically be done!

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