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Hey guys,

I consider a lot of you guys friends and I'm looking for advice.

I've been dating this girl on and off for the past 5 years. We have been going a year and a half since we last broke up. On Thursday, we had plans but she said she wanted to see her friend. I got mad that she was blowing me off. I then looked on her myspace and she had taken me off of her top eight and anything that mentioned me was deleted. I kept trying to call her but she didn't pick up. I called her dad because we are tight and he said just give her some space. I tried to call her yesterday but some guy picked up, so I hung up. I went to talk to her when she was on break from work and she told me how she doesn't give a damn about me and if anything happened to me, she wouldn't care. I don't know if her feelings are temporary or permanent.

What should I do guys? Should I keep at it? Should I move on? Any dating advice? My whole teenage life has been spent with her and I don't know how to act around anyone else. Thanks guys! This'll really help!

On a side note, she didn't even use any of these:
Remember how I told Cortana to wake me if she needed me? It’s kinda like that, except I don’t want you to wake me when you need me.

You only let me arm my bomb through the front entrance of your base. It’s time I find someone who will allow me access from the rear.

At first I thought your betrayals were accidents. But that last one was a spike grenade to the heart. I’m finished with this fight.

Multiteam was fun, but I think it’s time to move onto Lone Wolves now.*

At the beginning you were my grav lift, my overshield, my forever regenerator. Now you are nothing but a power drain.

You’ve held my territory uncontested for too long. It’s time for me to be king of someone else’s hill.

Breaking news in the Halo world. You are not always the VIP.

It’s not me. It’s you. And the fact that you have let pretty much every Spartan ever capture your flag.

I already have one female bitching in my ear every other second. I don’t need another one.

Luke’s gonna be the only one buying you steak dinners now.


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Hmmm, It sounds like the relationship died out. In long term relation ships its good to keep things spiced up so the other partner doesn't get bored. Its kindov stupid b/c if they love you they should stay with you...but people are stupid.

Is there a possibility that she's just going for some "fun" or money for Christmas and new years? Mabey she just wants to party hardcore-ly for awhile. Like i stated b4 she probably just got bored with the way things were. Like by chance did you ever go anywhere together like the neighboring state for a picnic?

You only let me arm my bomb through the front entrance of your base. It’s time I find someone who will allow me access from the rear. you make alot of these up? Some are pretty good.
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This seems to have become (in the words of Dane Cook) a relationshit. Before you start obsessing/stalking stun her by just breaking it off. Either you'll never see her again and be otherwise happy with a new woman or she'll realize the break as detremental, she'll find out she can't just screw with your emotions at will and she'll ask you for a second chance. Hi, you can just call me Dr. Phil lol. i really do relationship work all the time. if anyone else has a question, post it in this thread and PM me a reminder. im VERY glad to help :)


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Well ... um just some questions ...

A) what kind of a stereotypical girl is she (slut/emo/popular/shy) or just some characteristics of her
:cool: do you have any idea who the guy is who picked up and what he is like?
C) whats your stereotype what are u like?

And um for advice well ... just wait it out and see what happens ... DONT DO ANYTHING STUPID THOUGH!

And what this sounds like is you're gonna go back to school after vaca and ur gonna see her all over some big hunky footballplayer or w/e and it'll get u rly mad
(just a geuss from past experience)

Thats the best i can give for now


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Heh, I am pretty much breaking it off.

My myspace is here

Hers is here

Note how we barely mention the other and notice the top eights. Hopefully she'll work out, but if not... I have one girl who I think is outta my league, but her X and her best friend both said I could do it. I have another girl who is obsessed with me but I'm not interested. I guess we'll see what happens.

And to Spartan 118: She said she wanted time to herself to see who she wanted without feeling bad, I just don't know if she'll want to come back because I feel like I suck. Heh.

Thanks for the help, you guys can add me on myspace if you want.

Also, the stuff at the bottom with the break up Halo lines was from some website.

UPDATE AFTER SEEING Grunts deserve shields too:
I'd say we're both nerd/ emo. Just check her myspace

I'm not gonna do anything stupid though, it's been too much work to just throw away.

And we go to different schools.

L0rd kanti

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Wow thats a bit messed up for someone to say to you when the supposedly "love you", first thing dont get obsessed about finding whats going on, that will probally destroy your realationship if she finds you hiding in her closet or something. Try asking freinds that are close to her and you. Another thing confront the guy then you'll know if she's cheating on you, or on another fact the other guy doesnt know about you so when you confront the guy you can be like "well if she's cheating on me with you, and cheating on you with me, who else is there?". Therefore not only possibly ruining that relationship adding to your revenge when you may or may not break-up.


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Damn thats nice (the girl) lol

but .... ( i mean this in the straightest way possible) You're a good lookin guy from ur 'space pics ull do fine findin someone new ... but dont stress over it...

But on a better note .... thats good that you're moving on ... i dwell upon the past cuz i dont talk much and i always think and my mind wanders to what ive done ... and it gives me chronic depression ... winters the worst cuz ive got seasonal depression syndrome .... so

Good Job buddy!!


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Yeah, she's amazing... But i dunno if it'll work. I hope so. If not, the girl I'm aiming for is stunning! And she loves movies and tv shows and lots of stuff that I do too. I would probably keep my old girlfriend if I had a choice.
And I would dwell on the past if it wasn't for her...
She's changed me so much and made me and entirely different person.

And she's technically not cheating cuz we broke up

and thanks guys! a lof of you probably have a lot more experience than the friends I have.

The girl who's obsessed with me is here, if you can figure her page out.
And I don't have any pix of the other girl that I'm aiming for yet, but I'll get some.


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I'd personally say this...

Give her some time. Either in your relationship, or take a break.

If she's being a little unappreciative then time off will show her what she's missing.

Absence makes the heart go fonder.

If it's truely meant to be, it will eventually turn around.


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Ok, Next situation. My life.

I'm 15 and am a sophomore. I am in intro to art with alllllllllll freshman. I sat at the table with a popular group of freshmans rather reluctantly at first. We warmed up and now we're all great friends. One of them is a VERY hot girl and we're pretty good friends. Being really hot obviously a lot of other guys like her. Next semester (right here after new year) I am in a new art class and she is the only person from my old art class coming to the new one. Me her and a room full of artsy weirdos. So anyway, what do you all presume i do in my voyage to get her to go out with me. I'm not a weirdo, creepy looking, or nerdy. Here is a pic of her (on the left with the brown hair)


And heres me. Sorry for looking so deranged. my brother snapped this when i was like laying on my bed after working out. scared the crap out of me to. only pic i have right now though.



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The way I see it, you have a few options.

A. Just go up to her and ask her out/ tell her you like her.
B. Ask her to go to the movies with you. Make sure she knows it'll be just you and her.
Tip: Hug her. See how long she holds on. If it's longer than 15 or 16 seconds, and she keeps her arm around your back until moving away from each other, she probably likes you. (If she likes you, should be somewhere between 30-50 seconds)

Now for my situation.
I started going out with this girl on Monday. I found out she was moving a few days later, and it's over a 2 hour drive from where I live to where she's moving (I have no car).
I want to end it, but I don't want to hurt her. She's the first girlfriend I've had in a while that hasn't been completely psycho (whether it be drug addiction, emotional dependency, or just downright stupidity). I really don't want a long distance relationship.


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To ssyn - I have the same problem. Theres this girl I have been talking to for almost over a year know and we like each other...very much. Im not sure if were going to go out or not b/c she lives about 1 1/2 hours away. I would say keep the relationship up. If you to really like each other you'll find a way to make it work. Even if you only get to see each other every other weekend. And you should be driving soon 2 if your 15.


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heh nice myspace quote, i love that david blaine video.

Forget her. she is probably goin with someone else, and you may be out of the loop.
Look around, see what you know, and dont stalk her.

remember there are other fish in the sea.

and those little blurbs are pretty funny. did all of them have to be with halo though?


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She most likely is seeing someone else. She pretty much told me. But I still lover her. What love is to me is being able to still love them even if they hurt you or cheat on you. I love her enough to forgive her for anything if she'll take me back. But if she doesn't, my other options are still wide open. I'm playing two hands guys, don't worry. I'm trying to get her back, but if I can't, I have a few girls who I've considered. We'll see how it works out.


substitute É for question mark. keyboard acting up again.

feel no pain, as pain. feel no remorse as remorse. resent nothing. dude, find sometime for yourself; do you talk about halo everytime u meet herÉ if u did, its probably the reason. if not, shes cheating on ya, finding another guy that can satisfy her. above all else, find another, because this one does not suit you. remember those broken-hearted songs, written by broken-hearted men and womenÉ learn from those people, because those lies, betrayals and broken hearts, equals they arent the one.

those are hot chicks, but next time, dont intimidate the PAPAMURF with those pretty pics. hes almost dead man...imo, open another thread...NEXT TIME. IN MY OPINION.


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Heh, don't worry. I'm fine. And I never really talked to her about Halo but the past two weeks I hadn't given her enough of my time because I had been making my Halo movie and I kept having to blow her off and stay up all night to work on it. When I was able to see her, I wasn't myself because I was so tired. So it's a little bit of Halo's fault, but mostly they're may not be chemistry. I've been spending time with other friends and I've been having so much fun. And I'm trying to start a relationship with a girl that I've always had somewhat of a thing for and it's actually slowly working. I just don't want to forget about the first girl... At least not yet. And I gotta get all my stuff back from her.

As for the Halo lines... I just saw them on a website and found them funny. I was trying to lighten the mood, not show people that I'm obsessed with Halo more than women. Please, Master Chief is my bro and I say bros before hoes.


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I was looking through all the posts and saw this one come up. I was in the same boat last year with the girl that I had spent 9 years with through high school and college. Not only that but, I gave up my dream to stay with her. Then she left me high and dry. Unlike you I didn't ask for help or advice but slipped into a huge depression. I know how you feel because for me this was losing my best friend, my girlfriend, my partner, and my lover all togeather. I made some huge mistakes from that situation that landed me in the hospital and almost dead. Luckily they were able to revive me 2 seperate times.
From here on times are going to be rough. But you have to remember that a relationship is 2 people. Those 2 people have to make it work, one doing everything is going to cut it. My advice to you is to get out and hang with your friends. Stay away from the Ex. Don't call her, don't go to the places you think you might run into her. I know this will be hard, I have been doing it for over a year now and in the beginning I did call her and I was the one trying to pick up the pieces to get back togeather. Sometimes it is just over though and you have to move on. I wouldn't suggest to you to run out and start dating again. That doesn't help you. From what you said it seems like you and your Ex spent a majority of your time togeather. I did that and when we broke up I was lost because everything I did she was there with me. I had to learn that all the things we did togeather I was now going to do them alone.
Just have faith, keep your head up, and know that there is always something better out there for you. You might not be spirtual, but after what I went through I am now. I know that whenever my Higher Power shuts a door i am trying to walk through it is because he is opening another one that is better for me.
Also, chk out my MySpace page as I use it as an outlet for me and I will soon be adding blogs about my journey through depression to hopefully help someone from going down the extreme road that I went down. DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID. I tried that and when I was in the hospital in a coma the Ex told my parents that she couldn't come to the hospital cause she was out with her friends. Doing something stupid does't hurt her it hurts those who care for you and will always be there for you. Your Ex won't think about it in 2 or 3 years when your b-day comes around. Your family will when you aren't there over some stupid stuff like a girl.

Sorry if I sound like I am preaching, but this is a close subject for me and I hope no one repeats what I put myself and my family through.

I wish you the best,
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