Need some Hellsing help(weapon making)

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well seeing as how almost any wepon from halo and halo 2 can be made i was wondering if you guys could give me a little help. I dunno if any of you like or watch anime but one of my favorites is Hellsing. There are two guns in it that i would like to replicate either by using pepakura or some other method anyone can think of. They are the .454 Cassul and the Jackal.
Cassul is the silver and Jackal is the black(favorite)

the Jackal fires a huge 13mm semi armor peircing round ,i beleive it is, and the Cassul fired a slightly less powerfull round

they are very rare guns to find, though i currectly found both on ebay the shipping costs the sam as the price itself, which i rather high, for a plastic gun

i dont know what the steps are to making an object be printable in pepakura so if anyone can help id appriciate it,


For the Jackal, I would try to modify something like a Desert Eagle or one of those super Saudi high caliber pistols if they make an airsoft of it.

But unless you're planning on going as Arucard, remember it's "Too much gun for any ordinary man." :rolleyes

For pepakura, you would ideally need a .3ds file of the weapon, maybe homade or ripped from a Hellsing game.
I'm pretty sure that if there is a Hellsing game it hasn't left Japan. Though you might be able to find renderings of the weapons for various different mod projects, the surest way to get a pepakura file is to do one yourself with lots of reference pictures and schematics.

Also, .454 Casull isn't the name of the other handgun, it's the caliber. Just a FYI when you're looking for it.
I think a model getting of the Hellsing gun that Alucard uses is a little bit hard to get..on IGN/Gamespot/Google is nothing to get of a Hellsing game..
You can make it from a picture ...
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