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i am thinking about making some armor i would like to know what the easist way is and possablie the fastest any help would be helpful
bro take a look around the forums theres lotsa stuff waiting to be uncovered...and none of it is easy or cheap to do. it takes a lot of time love effort skill and comitment. just sayin. not to discourAge you
A welcome thread in the welcome forum would be pretty nice.

But welcome, and try using Pepakura. So far I hear it's pretty schnazzy.
yeah i used Pepakura it works pretty good but i don't have the right printer to to the feet it would have to be two pages but i might be able to get some long paper
hapakid is right, but the easiest way would be pepakura, which is still tough to get to look good, but if you want respect from the peeps, i would recommend cardboard or fiberglass

or you can come up with your own method :eek:
i think i wil make the first set from Pepakura and give it to my bro then make one out of cardbord or scartch
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