Props Needler Toy Repaint and Upgrade


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Hey all! First post on here, just got back into Halo and I've completed a few builds recently that I wanted to share here, the first being a repaint and upgrade of a H5 needler toy I got off a website called Costumebox. The mould was actually pretty good and it was decently priced, but the paint job and the needles were awful. I did a seam cleanup and then a full repaint. I used spray paints, acrylics, and ink through my airbrush to achieve the hex pattern. I also removed all of the original needles and made 14 acrylic replacements. This was my first time using an airbrush, and I'm really proud of how well it turned out. Here are some pictures of the finished piece, along with a before shot and some WIP photos. Many more projects to come, and I'm looking forward to being a part of the community. Cheers!

(I am aware that one of the front pieces is missing, I actually threw it out by accident, so it'll have to do without!)





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