Needler WIP


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Ok this is the weapon my wife wanted for her suit. I have these two pictures for my progress so far. I will be resining the out side and then filling the inside with foam. I will then pep the needles fill with foam and resin and bondo if needed. once they look good, I will make a mold of all of them, and cast them all in clear resin with a pinkish purple tint. I will then have all needles wired with led lights so they illuminate. I am considering doing it with ones that have a slow flash or strobe effect to make it look cool. I also am considering molding it so i can make a cast of it so she can dual wield the needlers, but well see.



this thing is really big. But it does appear that it should be at the correct scale for the game from akll the images i have seen. anyway, tell me what you think. if you have any ideas on how to do the slow flashing lighting or any ideas you think would be cool to add, please let me know.


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Great to see a needler going forward. Looks good so far. I've poked around the site before looking for outstanding completed Covenant weapons. There just aren't many (except for a couple of truly brilliant energy swords), so I hope you go far with this. Poke around the 'help for electronics' in the Noob forum. I would think that electroluminescent wire or LEDs would light the needles and the emitter correctly. Good luck.



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I'd love to see one of these completed! Never really liked the weapon intake but always loved the look of it