New IPOD coming in Jan

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Analysts at Piper Jaffray peg Apple's next iPod announcement in January 2008, and they bet we'll see an iPod with an iPhonish touchscreen and running a version of OS X. What is it with these guys and obvious predictions?

I mean, January is Macworld. From the looks of it, the iPhone will continue to be Apple's mobile all-in-one handheld, while the iPod will move toward being a portable media powerhouse, with larger drive capacity, bigger and better screens, though lacking the iPhone's net capabilities. Again, obvious, but we only report because maybe they know some facts they can't share on record. But without specific details or quotes, what do we have here worth standing on? [Ars Technica]
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Hopefully the screen doesn't scratch or collect dirt as easily as the regular ipod. Because if so, this thing is pretty much useless.
mt friend breaks all his Ipod's about 3 in total, he broke 2 30GB ones and his 4GB 1....oh and he got one confiscated
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