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Well folks, I added some detail to my armor. I used Adams method of spraying the black paint and then wiping some of it off. These pictures were taken at work, and theres a lot of oil floating around so I think thats why some of the pics are a little fuzzy. At least im not using my phone camera anymore :p Enjoy folks!

(this one, if flipped properly could be used in the 405th Wants YOU! I tried to hold the gun like is done in the poster pic.

In my room.
Nice helmet ;)

The pics you put up didn't illustrate your point of using Adams weathering method too well. I couldn't actually see the armor too well.

Try taking some close-up shots of individual pieces of the armor in good lighting..

But from a blurry vantage point, I'd say well done!
Wow that looks really good except that the pictures were kinda blurry but with some editing they could make very nice pictures.
This is a question to everyone... How come every tiem someone takes a picture they turn out so blurry? This justs makes me wonder.
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