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New Recruit Orientation Video

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Adam, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. BiffyBob

    BiffyBob Jr Member

    Thanks a lot adam. Very informative, helped a lot with understanding how the forum works!
  2. Raziel Azarak

    Raziel Azarak New Member

    Very nice intro video!!! Good clips for the expressions!!
  3. onmi shift

    onmi shift Member

    nice vid. ive actually checked this site out a few times of the past couple of years and finally decided to join.
  4. Future Dr WI

    Future Dr WI New Member

    Thanks for the information, it is very informative. It is just very well put together, and has a lot of good pointer. I also do feel, like some other here, that this video should be mandatory for registering. Thanks again Adam.
  5. Ziebster

    Ziebster New Member

    Followed this by the T, and I already feel more welcome in this place! Great job everyone here for making this place so friendly :)
  6. aliCe

    aliCe New Member

    Thanks a lot Adam! It really helped me understand the forum ^_^
  7. Vaelore

    Vaelore New Member

    Thanks for the video intro, helped me understand the basics.
  8. Tafoya007

    Tafoya007 Jr Member

    thanks adam, i did learn alot so now I' gonna update my profile...lol
  9. Recurve

    Recurve New Member

    Great, vid here. Awsome tool to send the message about the forums. Thanks for the effort put into it.
    Now, how do I .. Jk
  10. Lanx

    Lanx New Member

    Thanks for the Video :D I watched it before I registered so I did everything in the right order lol. This seems like a really great community, I'm glad I registered. Now it's time to read up, post everywhere and learn, then figure out what to do for my project ^_^
  11. GeorgeK 16

    GeorgeK 16 New Member

    Thank you for creating so informative and welcoming a video. Given the plethora of topics contained within the 405th forums, and my own inexperience in this regard, I was initially overwhelmed prior to registering. However, this video permitted me to approach registration in a structured and purposeful manner. Hitherto, I also questioned my aptitude in designing and creating armour. These concerns were assuaged by the emphasis given to research and commitment within the video.

    I am pleased to be a member of the 405th, and eagerly await the opportunity to converse with like minded individuals.
  12. randyshaw

    randyshaw New Member

    I am watching it first time, nice Orientation Adam, You covered the basics in a clear manner.
  13. Seth Knight

    Seth Knight

    I just got done watching the video. It was very helpful, but blunderbuss me (face palms self), didn't watch it until after I had put a thread up (that wasn't an introduction, or had anything to do with introducing myself. Should I post a thread about introduction of myself, or should I just forget about it and continue?
  14. Lethal Beauty

    Lethal Beauty New Member

    I very much appreciated the video. Kinda breaks down the rules and the next few steps I have to take. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community.
  15. MrBananaCow

    MrBananaCow New Member

    Thanks for the video, I did need to learn the ropes and understand what some of this website is. I'll try to be a good person on the 405th.
  16. Shadow 820

    Shadow 820

    Good video! Thanks for all the info.
  17. Steve726

    Steve726 New Member

    Thanx for the Video Adam. I've been readin on the forums for a few days, finally registered and put up my intoduction and just updated my profile. Now I am on the reading stage. My wife's gonna kill me over all the reading I'm about to do and even more so when I start planning my armor build. I know I got alot of work ahead of me, but after seeing some of the stuff that others have made, it'll be worth it to show up to something like ANIME NORTH next year in a Halo armor set I built with my own 2 hands. You guys inspire me to build something I'll appreciate and hopefully others will too.
  18. Kuroshoku

    Kuroshoku New Member

    I love the video, very informational and entertaining to watch!
  19. Psyche31

    Psyche31 New Member

    As a Noob; The video was concise and on point. It actually cleared up a lot of misconceptions I came with and made me feel a lot more at ease. The video was excellent.
  20. Bmw Ownage

    Bmw Ownage New Member

    Happy I found this community! Thanks for the initiation lol and off to pep some chief..
  21. Tigersgrace

    Tigersgrace Member

    I was just cruising around the stickies and found this vid; and, man, did i do everything in the vid backwards! Great vid and at least now i know. :)

    Also how do i get one of those sweet 405th shirts?
  22. tomboy


    I've been lurking on the site for years, but that explained a lot more about the site than anything else I had found. Thank you for posting it.
  23. Grazly

    Grazly New Member

    Thanks for the heads up on the new guy info!
  24. Lycanthropica

    Lycanthropica New Member

    Useful Video, and not boring. It's sad somethings that have to be spelled out to people (like being nice and not being negative) but I suppose that is the internet. I am definitley less intimidated by the forum now. hahahah!
  25. BigRedTank

    BigRedTank New Member

    well updated my profile, made a post introducing myself.
    Sooo yeah video actually helped better than I had expected cant wait to get more involve. Hopefully you geezers can help me out because I hope to apply these skills I will learn form this group to a side job. I love building things, love creating something that people can admire and well halo is that thing that catches my attention. I'm going to say it now, thank you to all the veterans of the 405th who have in the past present, and future post threads to assist all in practicing the arts of prop making.

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