New Recruit Orientation Video

REALLY nicely done Adam, i especially like the video clip that was played when you introduced the "witch hunt" issue lol very well placed haha. i don't know if its possible, (prolly not) but i think it would do all noobs a WORLD of good, if they were directed to this video as the only place they go after joining (untill they have watched the video in its entirety). that way, before they even get to see their own profile page, they have to watch this video... not being very technologically incline, i wouldn't know if this is even possible, but it might be something for the techies here to think about maybe ?

EDIT: aaaaaand i just saw a couple posts i missed that basically already suggested that idea... sorry.


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Thanks by the video

Thanks to the video i enlist !!!!

and thanks to adam, by giving another opportunity for the new people

just, that now, I believe that I´m the one Mexican in the forum jejejejeje

if there is another that notify me.

ok, this has nothing to do with the thread at all... but i feel that this thread needs to be near the top. so here is a random post to bring it back up...


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that was very informative, and very well done. Looks like you have some practice at this!
The only thing I could say that would be negative has nothing to do with the quality of the video. It merely took my laptop 20 minutes to be able to load the whole thing.


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shellshocker said:
This is just a great video for teaching and reassuring the basics in this site for a noob like me 'ㅅ'

Great Job!
i'm Korean too! even though i'm noob.
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THANK YOU SIR! All this information was really needed when I first got here, now even after being here for a while, it all makes more sense. Great idea, this will definetly help new people, as long as they actually watch it. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Big help.

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Excellent video Adam. It makes expectations very clear. Granted, much of what you said seems like common sense, but one often has to spell out common sense for it to matter.


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Adam, thanks, that really helps out, gives me a good understanding of what is expected of me as a member here.


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lol. I remember when I found that vid on you tube. I watched it once and was like "I want in! I want in!". Thanks again for opening the gates.


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Well this is certainly the most organized forum that I have ever been a part of! Great information. Message recieved.


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Thanks for the breafing Commander i took action to it right away its all done By the way great video it give alot of helpfull info to us noobs.


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awesome video adam, i'm looking forward to the "more official" one :pshould be good, i'm looking forward to a full on millitary style briefing!