New Recruit Orientation Video

Black Bandit XX

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Verry nice. It's good that you have an intoduction video, far too few sites have one, it makes things feel more like a 'community'. Great job and thanks. I'll have armor pictures up within a month, so watch out for those glowing EOD eyes!


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Adam said:

HD Version will be up tonight.

GREAT welcome vid Adam.. I havent been around in quite a while, but that vid sure would have helped me back when i was lurking in the shadows. I'm off to read the stickies and get reaquainted w everyone..both new and old.

wonderful job with the community..its grown immensely since my last visit.
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Wow! I wish all forums would do this. The video made me feel welcomed while laying down the rules, without insulting my intelligence. I look forward to contributing to and learning from this community!


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Nice Video and great introduction for new members. I am a member of many other groups (costuming and prop building alike). And I must say that was a better "introducing and understanding Us" video than all the others groups I belong to have.

A couple of notes though. When I click the thread topic and go to the first page, I don't know what exactly is happening, but internet explorer crashes everytime the video starts to load. I tried this on 3 different computers (house, job1, job2) and had same result everytime.

I ended up doing a search on youtubes website itself for your video. That leads me to my other suggestion, I needed the exact title to find your video, you might want to add more meta tags to your video so it might be a little easier to find. But that is only a suggestion.

I really like the club, group, regiment, whatever you would like to call it. And I hope you do get an offical charter in place. Being a member of the 501st, R2Builders Group brings appreciation for being a nationally recognized community group.



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Thanks, and very nice video I might add...

i hope i will be posting up some of my work soon :D

by the way, I'm working on ODST armor for a Con next year...

wish me luck!


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Thanks man, It's good to see such a well built community. It kinda reminds me of the clan-ages back in halo 2 haha. I'm really looking forward to being part of such a tightly-knit community!


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Thank you Adam.

I watched this video when I first joined but thought I would go back through to make sure I didn't miss anything. Always good to refresh.