New Recruit Orientation Video


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Great video with some very informative stuff for the newer guys like myself. Most of it is common forum knowledge, but I did learn some stuff specifically about the 405th. Thanks for taking the time to make it.


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Out of all of the forums I've crossed, never have I actually seen someone actually go through with a video training session.

Well done. It speaks volumes as to how veterans and staff feel about the 405th Community and helped to relieve my personal fears as to what kind of people I will be interfacing with in the future.

Very much appreciated all of your hard work and good luck on making the 405th an official fan-club! I have some reading to do now.


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I have to say that I feel like such a bad new member because I have done so much on here, even though I haven't been a noob for long, and I am just now to getting around to watching this video. I truly thank you Adam for making this video. It definitely gives a lot of information and sorta "breaks the ice" for us noobs. Even though my hubby, newspartancreator, has been a memeber for a while it is nice to know that I know some of the information myself.

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I feel so learn-ed now.

thanks Adam for making this and it was quite helpful.

I didn't see it right away though and made a post before I did my profile :p
Thanks a lot, Adam. The 405th looks like it is made up of people of the highest quality. I look forward to learning all I can from you guys.


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First time I ever see and Intro vid on a Forum!?!

Great Idea and it helped lots.

Yes, I am getting to updating my profile and introducing myself.