New Red vs Blue episodes! Season 9!


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yea,but if you look at the board there are only so much agents,not all of them
It's a leaderboard. It only shows the top certain percentile. Beyond that, it specially denotes members of an even smaller percentile. If you look at the Halo Reach general leaderboard, it doesn't show every player who's ever matchmade a game. It only shows the top tier.


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Red Vs Blue Anniversary



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I saw the episode preview during IGN's Red vs Blue script reading video... I spoiled the episode for myself. But the episode was awesome. :)


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I can't watch any RvB on my computer because my speakers are broken...
But thankfully I'm getting massive headphones so I can listen to foul languaged videos without my 4 year old brother hearing it :D


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I think its the Odst in episode 3 before he betrayed the freelancers. thats just my theory as hes carrying a shotgun, and the odst in the episode had a shotgun shell belt or something.