New Social Media Promotion - Friendly Feature!


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As you have likely noticed by now from posts on social media, we have a fun new way to promote our members! I'd like to thank the Community Staff for their VERY hard work on this project. PerniciousDuke , TurboCharizard , Recon Assassin, Asgardianhammer and RandomRanger

Below is the Friendly Feature FAQ which will tell you all about how to either get yourself or someone else featured. However, if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Friendly Feature FAQ

What is Friendly Feature?

405th Friendly Feature is a play on the term friendly fire and is our weekly member highlight. Member's nominate themselves or another member to be featured on the 405th's official Facebook and Instagram pages.

Why submit a feature?

Everyone here in the 405th knows how fabulous our members are. We want to introduce our amazing members to the costuming and prop making community at large!

Who can be featured?

Any full 405th Member with at least 50 posts and 90 days OR is part of a Regiment. You do not need a costume. You just need to have a reason why you're being featured. Non costume members can include handlers, photographers, prop makers, gamers, modelers, unfolders and other 405th support.

How do I submit a feature?

Head to the tab at the top called Requests (Available forms) and click the line "Recommend a Member to be Featured" , complete the form, click submit and a 405th staff member will contact you before any posts are made public.

Can I submit myself?

Yes! Self promotion is encouraged.

Can I surprise someone with a Friendly Feature?

You can nominate someone to be featured, but unfortunately it will not be a surprise to them. A 405th Community Staff Member will always contact the member being featured to get consent for their name and likeness to be shared on 405th's social media.

How does the Bio work?

You can either write your own bio or have a 405th Community Staff Member write it for you. Please note that if you write your own we may need to edit due to a variety of reasons, but we will get your final approval before posting. If you need help writing, please provide us with a few points that we can expand upon, with you getting final approval prior to posting.

What social media platform handles should I provide?

Any two. We are only able to add up to two names to the graphic. Gamer tags or Steam names etc. can be added to the "Others" box.

What photo should I use?

The coolest one you have. Largest format possible with the featured member not too close and not too far from the camera would be best. If you do not have a costume then use your imagination for what picture to use. It can be a standard photo of you, or you could be set up in your gaming station, or the picture could be of something entirely different like your Halo mega blocks collection. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to not use a photo for any reason. Ensure your photos comply with the 405th community standards (ie no teabagging, no pointing of weapons directly at the camera, no gore, no obscenities, no lewd or unsavory poses/hand signs). Children's faces will be blurred out. This includes any of our members younger than 18 years of age.

When will my feature be posted to Facebook and Instagram?

They are posted one a week in the order they are received. Although we cannot promise, if you want to request a specific week or just want to know when please ask once a staff member has messaged you about your feature and we will do our best to accommodate.

Do I need a costume?

No. You just need a reason to be featured (ex photography, handler, etc) and have a graphic or photo ready that you would like to use.

Can I share the post?

Yes, please copy the image and share on your own platforms! Just please do not share it until the main 405th channels have made your feature public.


Commanding Officer
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Does it have to be a photo, can it be a short video (under 30 seconds for "the gram" as it were)? Also, this is awesome, thanks to our awesome community leaders for putting this on!!!

At the moment it needs to be a photo, however, you just never know what the awesome Community Staff will come up with next!!