Noob needs major pointers, tips etc

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ive started making my helmet its my first one
heres my helmet


Its not that bad. Just make sure you get most of the shapes right. Try layering some pieces to make it seem more thicker and real to the game.
ONE: stop announcing that your 12 years old. it's not an excuse for anything if that's what your using it for. And also, your supposed to be 13 to join the forums ;-)

TWO: your helmet looks decent, it just needs a little attention to detail. Try taking your time and cutting out smaller detailed shapes, rather than a couple big strips of cardboard. and like TheBlue said, layer the cardboard in some spots to give it some depth/detail
k ill be sure to go slow
but should i do alot of small pieces or big pieces for frame and a bunch of smaller pieces
i have scrapped that and im going to try a new approach to make my gloves and if that works ill make my helmet with it
keep yah updated
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