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Alright, I resin the out layer twice and once inside. Then I fiberglassed, then resined. Now what?

As for fiberglassing, I'm not sure I did it right, I bought Adhesive (Spray Glue) And used it to stick all of the fiberglass (messy job) inside of the helmet, is that ok? Most people's fiberglass ends up all brownish kinda color when resined, mine sorta end up yellowish and see through and a bit worried if I did it right and should I add another layer of fiberglass or resin (I seriously dont want to but if I HAVE to, I'll do it)

Well, Now what? I really want to know if a pepakura could ever look like the helmet of BlueRealm, ever. Just simply a yes or no question. Would Body filler ever achieve to make it look like it?
If anyone can explain how Bondo works, how much it cost and how thick it can be.

Another thing, I really hate wasting so many paint brushes, so far I used up 5 paint brushes. Now I am left with 4 brushes how can I use it wisely to complete for an entire suit?
Here some pictures

My resined helmet. OH YEAH!

The inside of the fiberglassed helmet.

Surprisingly, My helmet is exactly the same size as the replica of the Legendary edition. :p
Iceman29 said:
dude, thats sweet, you should just mold the legendary edition helmet
Im too in love with my Legendary Helmet to do anything possibly harmful to it even if it makes a smudge. :p
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Looks great so far. Look forward to seeing more progress.

Would you mind taking some good pictures from all sides (top, bottom, front, back, both sides) of your Legendary Helmet and emailing them to me for reference on my pep helmet?

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