Number Problem

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I finished printing out flying's halo 3 helmet model just yesterday, and what I noticed, is that the numbers for the tabs in some areas are sticking out of the cutting boundary, and are bunched up so that there are like 2-3 different tab numbers all in the same space, making it difficult to distinguish the numbers. I am just wondering, to all that used this same helm model, what exactly did you all do about this?
The tabs that extend into the actual helmet pieces should be ignored, you don't want to cut pieces out of your helmet. The tabs you'll be ignoring are tiny, so afterwards you'll want to cut small pieces of cardstock, score and fold them, and glue them on the inside over where the missing tabs would go.

As for the numbers, if you can make them out you might want to re-write them where you can read them. If that's not possible and you need to see the numbers, just pull up the file in pepakura, find the pieces you need to identify numbers on, and zoom in on that. If you still can't make out the numbers, just scale the helm up in pep, it will separate the numbers a bit.

I didn't have much trouble with the jumbled numbers, they're on pieces with numbers that are clear to read, so you can usually just match up the readable numbers to another piece.

Hope this helped!
it's decreased to font size 6, it's the smallest font I could set it at, what I mean is that, especually with some 3-digit numbers, the first digit may be sticking out of the tab, like you would have a tab, and the number would be at the end of it, and a digit would stick out, I just wanted to know whether to cut around it, or what?

I know I can re-lable by hand, but in some places there is barely, if any, room to do that, especually with 3 different numbers all jumbled together on one tiny tab.
I agree with Ruze in that you should just use the Pepakura program and zoom in on the piece that you need help with. You can use the "Check Corresponding Faces" tool to help.
I just worked piece by piece, small pices with 500 numbers on them, I just guessed where they went and it came out fine, I looked at ruze's finished folding pictures too, they helped.
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