Foam ODST Build - Upgrade Time Again

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Did a solo mini photoshoot in the basement to get pics for my deployment application and added a few fun ones. Here's a few of the shots.

front_arms_down.jpg back_arms_down.jpg left_arms_down.jpg

2019-11-27 20.52.35-1.jpg 2019-11-27 20.56.30-1.jpg 2019-11-27 20.55.02-1.jpg 2019-11-27 20.57.39-1.jpg
It's kind of fun working without the pressure of a deadline (re)creating parts. Got some boots constructed. Pretty happy with the toe caps, although might remake one of them w/ lessons learned doing the other.

2020-01-16 09.00.08.jpg 2020-01-16 09.00.54.jpg 2020-01-19 17.31.18.jpg 2020-01-19 17.31.24.jpg 2020-01-19 17.56.00.jpg

Heels are just resting on the table, but they'll probably be attached to the front using elastic and an elastic band underneath the toe caps to hold them around the boots.

2020-01-16 09.21.37.jpg

The method I used to attach the ridges was to cut them separately in order to have space to use my dremel and clean up the edges and then attach some thin foam inside and layer them on top of that.

Still needs cleanup w/ silicone before sealing, but at least they're assembled.
Got a solution to get the inner section of the thigh plates. It's not game accurate, but close enough for my purposes. I took 2" elastic bands and layered them and then glued that into the thigh plate.

2020-02-16 09.43.09.jpg 2020-02-16 09.43.30.jpg 2020-02-16 09.44.44.jpg
*Taking pics of thighs is really awkward

Makes it nice and thin, and pulls the thigh plate tighter around my leg which helps it hold its place.

IMG_1629.JPG IMG_1630.JPG IMG_1631.JPG IMG_1632.JPG

Also got the boots attached so that they slip over top. I will be adding an elastic band that I can slip underneath the boot so that they stay in place.
More updates to the suit. Going to a con near the end of August. Originally I had planned to build an entirely different suit, but by the time I made that decision there was no way I'd get the quality build I wanted in the time remaining. I could do a speed build, but I'd rather take more time on any new suit rather than rush it through. This suit was practically made via con crunches, so it just gets updates whenever I want to attend a con.

I've paired this down to 3 updates that I want to made for this con: top chest plate, fanny pack, and those baby shoulders.

Chest plate and fanny pack in order to switch from pepakura/fiberglass to foam, and shoulders to scale up to something not so laughably small.


Chest plate and fanny pack have both been constructed, seams filled, and coated with LeakSeal. They just need to be sanded a bit before painting.


I'm currently printing the last piece of the second shoulder, but here's the parts of the first one raw off the print bed. Obviously they need sanding and filling. I'll probably go up to 320 grit on those.

The major debate that I'm going on right now is that eventually I want to do a full repaint of the suit. I'm trying to consider if I want to go that route now or wait/plan that more than a few weeks from convention time.
15 days remaining to get this suit back into con shape. Rebuild items are in the weathering and strapping phase. Following that I simply have to repair some strapping items that failed because I never leave enough time to properly set up/secure my strapping mechanisms (and I have a feeling this time will be no different).

I'm still semi-hopeful I'll also get some grenades done (they're already printed) to carry with me, but they are the lowest priority items right now.


Adding the grime look, still needs scratches and such added


Left: One of the shoulders partially through weathering, Right: New Shoulder vs. Old Shoulder

2021-07-21 09.38.58.jpg

Grenades fresh off the print bed​
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C2E2 Upgrade Time

So... originally I was going to wear this kit on Saturday of Planet the other weekend, but when I did a test fit a few days before realized that some pieces were too loose on me now, and I didn't have time to make the adjustments necessary to make them fit. Sounds like it's time to focus on rebuilding. This time I want to make sure the parts are more adjustable so that I can make this next iteration last for a much longer time. I expect this to be a slow build to completion, but I also have some deadlines that need to be met throughout the process.

Trello Board

There are certainly some pieces that can be reused, mostly ones that I rebuilt more recently that'll just get a repaint, but a large number of pieces will be remade from scratch.

First small change:
FanExpo StL is in <2 weeks. I hope to make new thighs by then. Due to how I want to make the thighs adjustable, the inner thigh sections may not be included in this version, but the plan is make new thighs out of 6mm foam for a thinner profile. I'll be using What the Foam as I've found it to be stronger than standard 6mm, and I want the thighs to hold up well.

Major Deadline:
C2E2 - August
Want to have every outer body armor piece to be complete at this point, including repainting. Haven't decided yet if I want to go more game accurate in the color and use the guide or go custom yet, but I want to find a less expensive paint and something I can actually find/get in stores around me. There are a few soft parts and electronics upgrades I want to get done as well, but electronics are a stretch goal for C2E2, and soft parts only a tiny portion are on my must complete list by August.

Hopefully I'll have a new update soon, but in the meantime enjoy some photos of ODST playing drums from the test fit mentioned earlier...
2022-04-20 17.47.17.jpg
2022-04-20 17.47.22.jpg
2022-04-20 17.47.35.jpg

*Surprisingly not as challenging as expected.
I like the photoshoot but - where are the groupies? A rockin' drummer helljumper has to have groupies!

Also I hereby nickname you "drumstick". When the 501st finally attacks us and we are forced to defend ourselves and our collective honor, "Drumstick" shall be the name emblazoned on your drop pod. And, should the unthinkable happen and you die, (gloriously in battle, obviously) that will be the name escaping my shell-shocked and bewildered lips in the heat of battle. Rest well, drummer helljumper. Rest well.
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