Foam ODST: Version 1 was okay. Now for Version 2


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I haven't been active on the forums for a while. I blame the Discord channel for my absence and stealing my attention from here.
Either way I haven't had much in ways of progress. With cons being cancelled and all I have no motivation to build armour. :(
I did manage to get some bits done got the butt plate, one forearm and a second one cut up.
Again with my mojo being non existent it was a real struggle to make.

Forearm number one.

This butt plate was just mind boggling to assemble.

Aaaaaaannnnnd... This is far as I got for forearm #2.


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It's alive!

So I'm finally working on Version 2 of my ODST suit again.
Guess what? Photo dump time.
20210131_015421.jpg 20210131_015431.jpg 20210131_015435.jpg 20210131_015504.jpg 20210131_015512.jpg 20210207_155147.jpg 20210214_013213.jpg
The left forearm that I didn't finish from my last post... Is still not finished.
Edit: the left forearm is almost complete. It just needs the elbow pad thing and some of the details.
But, I now have completed the cumberbunds, hip plates, buckle, cod, power pack with wings, chest plate and one boot cover. I would have had two boots but... I screwed up the scale and the first attempt was huge. Clown shoe huge. Shown here is the rescaled version.
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Time for another update.
Got some new kicks for my ODST! Boot covers complete.
20210220_141022.jpg 20210220_141030.jpg
Also I have the torso base done. The shoulder straps have been left off at the moment. I am planning to skin some foam in some grey ripstop material to make it look like padded straps as seen in the Rookie Reference guide released by 343i. Other details that are needed are the collar and the spine plate.
20210223_185112.jpg 20210223_185126.jpg


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I'm motoring along here.
Small update this time. Added the collar, I also dremeled the neck hole. It's still tight but, I can squeeze my fat head through. Spine plate has been attached.
Then I made the shoulder straps with 6mm foam and skinned them with some grey material to simulate padded. In the pics they are held on temporarily with double sided tape. 20210226_145516.jpg 20210226_145527.jpg 20210226_145537.jpg 20210226_145724.jpg


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Vest, torso or whatever this part is called has mostly been assembled. As mentioned before, shoulder straps will be attached after paint is done.
I am currently working on an ab wrap with 3mm foam. Unfortunately it's a little too form fitting and it doest stretch or flex very well. So some adjustments need to be done. 20210303_214734.jpg 20210303_214743.jpg 20210303_214800.jpg 20210303_214958.jpg




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I was just looking for your build post to poke on through it. I was just sitting down working in the chest design. Details look mint though brotha. Keep on plugging along.


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Photo dump for a small amount of progress.
Made the gloves, this was done free hand, since there are no templates for this. I based it off of Sean Bradley's glove kit.
This was first attempt at the patterns. I was way off.
Second attempt was much better. 20210309_180628.jpg
Gloves came out pretty good.
After that I went back to my forearms that I had built a while back. I finished assembly and had to do a lot of grinding down uneven seams and filling gaps. I did a terrible job with this. 20210311_174734.jpg
After the fixes were complete a am now currently detailing them with panels of 2mm and 1mm foam. 20210314_190711.jpg 20210314_190758.jpg 20210315_202139.jpg 20210315_203554.jpg


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Update time! Seems like I only post updates once or twice a month if I'm not too lazy..
First up is some flashbangs.
Next is pouches for the right shin and left thigh.
Then it's bicep plates attached the the pauldron mounts.
Lastly upgrading the shins with straps and some missing details.
20210427_195534.jpg 20210427_195603.jpg 20210427_195548.jpg


That is some mighty fine foam work there. I can’t work with foam for the life of me so I bought a 3D printer, but it’s definitely on my bucket list to lean how to do!


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Love it. Like how you chose to utilize the textured side of foam tiles in the shins as well. It's such a small but cool detail to put into your suit.

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