Foam ODST: Version 1 was okay. Now for Version 2


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I didn't want to start a separate thread for this so I'm putting it here. With the upgrade/rebuild of my ODST in process and my Odogaron suit being almost done, I am mulling over what my next build will be. Whether it be for my self or my oldest son. Either way, I want to build it with some high density foam. What I'm looking for is suppliers of said foam. I have done some research on some of the more well known suppliers and they are not viable options. As I mention in my previous post is a bust. TnT Cosplay ships to Canada but, shipping fees are insane. It pretty much doubles the total cost. Sks Props does not ship outside the US and Joannes Yaya Han line of foam doesn't ship to Canada either. I'm hesitant to get foam from Red Moon Cosplay because they are quite pricey.


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Could look into Lumin's Workshop in Australia. They have a few densities (measured in kg/m3 and Shore Hardness).
They ship to Canada though not sure how it translates in terms of your budget and other suppliers;
0-1kg: $20, 1-2kg: $30, 2-3kg: $43, 3-4kg: $56 (Australian dollars)

I want to build it with some high density foam. What I'm looking for is suppliers of said foam.


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Alright tiny update. I have added clips to the body armour to help keep it close. The magnets I'm using are not enough to do the job.
I one little oversight though. I didn't plan out the positioning very well. I have discovered that it's very difficult for just myself to clip the buckles together.
At this point one side has to be closed and I have to slip the chest over my head an on and then struggle a couple of minutes to close up the other side. Sigh.

If I had put lower down, instead of smack in the middle it would probably be a little easier for the wearer. Double sigh.
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It's time to revive this thread.
This is no longer going to mere upgrades. This will be a rebuild. As previously posted, I have already re made the leg armour and hip plates. Next up is.... Pretty much everything else. I am also going to make the boot covers and a neck seal.
The main motivation for the rebuild is that I want to have this suit put up for deployment.
Having it graded for deployment will give me some personal satisfaction and accomplishment. Plus will give me future goals for improvements on my next suit.
Which can be found in this thread: Foam - Halo 2 Anniversary ODST: Planning phase