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Hey ya'll, thought it might be wise to share this costume I threw together for my cons last year. I've never shown it off so why not now!

It's my take on the Spartans we see in the opening cutscene from Spartan Ops, out of their armor and on the way to the Infinity. Naturally, mine is supposed to be Spartan Thorne, as he is my favorite Spartan from Fireteam Majestic!

Reference photo:


I used a black tighter fitting long sleeve shirt, with holes cut for my thumbs for my undersuit bit, and for pants a pair of gray tactical pants that looked as close as I could find! The belt was originally a goldish bronze, but that just wouldn't do, so I decided to paint it silver to really match the on-screen appearance. My boots are a pair of worn Swat Original boots, since they were pretty close and I like the fit!

Here's what I ended up with!
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