Offering Photoshop services!

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Im back now. i was talking to my cousins new husband about my computer problem and he says he had the same thing and could show me how to fix it, so i guess I'll wait until i can fix the computer and not barrow my sisters aged laptop.

So im making this a General request thread for photoshop because i know a few photoshop users hang around here. so lets hope that one of them will be able to help with the requests.

I guess I'll say I'm free for some shopping. (Though, I use GIMP. Let's get this clear. Freeware is better than $100+ warez)
After two computers and a great deal of time and pain with anything electronic im finally back and able to do this with a new computer (No 3D Anymore :(.

If anyone wants something photoshopped im open to be of service, just no animations.
I can also help tackle some requests if that's alright with you :) I did Photoshop quite a bit a while ago and would like to get back into it a little bit. I don't suppose you need proof for it :p
Any help is good, we just need people to request lol:p
Well I have a request.
I need a better paintjob for my spartan than just black. So I was wondering if some of you guys could give me some ideas.

I still want it to be mostly black colors, but with some sort of design.
So here are my requirements:
-I don't know if I want my undersuit to stay the color it is, or black like in the game.

-I would like this symbol to show up somewhere, or if someone could design one that does a better job of signifying Cerberus (the three headed demon dog) that would be great as an emblem as well! (keep it white, though)

-Also I would like some blood red added into the mix, like this:

Thanks guys, I'll and some more things if I can think of them.
Since we don't have sigs for armor anymore, i made an avatar version that runs on a meter. For the few (Probably none) that might give up an avatar for armor progress. I could probably do custom ones so they all don't look alike. have your own spartan and background.


Sorry for the double post!... eh triple post?
Not open for further replies.