OK, will this work??


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ok, I'm fiberglassing my robogenesis beta models this christmas since school just let out like half an hour ago. ANyways I'm wondering if, after fiberglassing, and shutting it up in my shed with a heater, can I remove the heater for the night and the curing of the resin won't be messed up?? then the following morning, I would put the heater back into the shed, so the curing will continue. Would that work?? (taking the heater out of the heater for the night, then putting it back in the morning, without the curing being , screwed up.) Thanks guys.

Ral Partha

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They should be okay. While the curing rate will be slowed, the resin coating on the pieces should be hard enough to handle the next morning. The resin's ability to cure is more affected by the amount of hardener that you add to it. Assuming that you followed the mixing directions for the resin, you only need to leave them for a couple of hours inside the shed before they are ready to handle, albeit a bit more strongly smelling.