Operation Superfly

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Well guys, I have a pitch for a movie idea.

UNSC Transmission, Priority 12

Encryption Code: Zulu
Public Key: file/alpha/numera/2212
To: ONI Spec Ops Officers, AI Cortana
From: Brigadier General Hale
Subject: Starship Infiltration
Classification: Top Secret, Section 3 Eyes ONLY

/start file/
To whom it may concern, specifically ONI Spec Ops Officers,
We are at war. We want you to infiltrate the Covenant Starship Ascendant Justice. The Justice is a huge starship; we’ll be entering in multiple ways. I want Officer Jackson to enter via a Phantom Drop ship. Your going to sneak in cargo. I want Officer Malady to enter via a hull breach, using foam breaching charges. Last, but not least, I want Officer Dickinson to enter via a supposed meteorite, it will be a self-powered meteor. Smart, eh? Anyways, AI Cortana will be receiving a copy of this for John. John will enter with a squad of ODSTS from a stolen Boarding Craft. They will bounce in and hopefully assassinate a high-ranking Covenant General, Za’grabah.
George Hale
/end file/
/file terminate when activated/

This is the basic idea. It is just an idea, and I don't actually plan on making it-someone take it and form it, just let me write the body. I think it's a pretty good movie idea, so does my brother. Names can and will be changed, there just generi-names...
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