Pacific Reg (Portland, OR) - Fan Expo Portland '24

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405th Regiment Officer
Member DIN
Medium-sized Comic Convention

Oregon Convention Center

Convention Parking $12-$20

January 12th - 14th

Show Hours
Friday: 1:00 - 8:00 pm
Saturday: 9:30 am - 7:00 pm
Sunday: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday: Group Photo TBD

Meet Up

Feet First time TBD

Available here

Chat Room

FXP24 - See Us At_IG-FB.png

This is our first time at this event and we hope we can make it a good showing for our Oregon members. If anyone has been to this specific Fan Expo before let us know your experience. Otherwise, more details with 405th activities will be posted soon.

We will have our booth at this event in a 10x10 community space which means please suit up in the parking lot until we hear otherwise. We will ask for a changing space, but in my experience we will not know for sure until we get there the first day.
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Convention Time is almost upon us! It has been a nice winter break, now it's time to get your snow boots and Mark VI gear on and head down to Portland!

Just some things to note since we are a community guest with booth space. We need to be extra careful to be professional at all times. They are giving us free tickets so that we may provide value to their event.

1. If you are in our booth area, please be extra aware of yourself and your belongings. Try not to be in the way unless you are posing for photos or talking to attendees about cosplay. We don't have a lot of room and we will have a lot of people so I will be actively kicking people out to go roam or chill out in other designated areas. NO FOOD in the booth area.

2. For those getting a volunteer pass from me, one of us needs to be at the booth at all times. If you need to leave or want to take a break be sure to let another volunteer know first. If none are available then you can let a verified Regiment member monitor the booth, but they need to be aware they cannot leave until a volunteer returns. I will pick up the volunteer and panelist passes on Friday morning and will come out to the front to hand off tickets to those who message me (Discord is best). You can Discord message ArcSol or Lukavago as a backup.

3. Storage is limited in the booth area. Please only bring what you can keep track off. I know everybody loves to bring all their props for show and tell, but they are your responsibility to watch.

We do not know yet if there will be a changing area for us. The coordinators are hoping to put a group changing area together for all community booths, but this is unconfirmed. I will find out Friday morning. They do advertise a "cosplay lounge" to take a breather while in costume. I would recommend seeking this out instead of being half kitted in the booth.

For now, we will assume we are dressing up in the parking lot or bathrooms. And the booth area can hold a few totes.

4. I'm aiming to have a group hangout/dinner on Friday night. If our Airbnb is large enough I may host it there. More details will be announced Thursday night.

5. Panel is Saturday at 2:15 in the Cosplay HQ Room A103 - I will need a volunteer to watch the booth during this.

Photoshoot will be Saturday, likely 1pm (before our panel) - I will stay and watch the booth, but I need someone to volunteer to take photos of the group. Equipment can be provided.

We are in booth 462 (red+blue stars), North side of the building. I believe the "Cosplay HQ" is in or around the Yellow star, just my guess. Our panel is in room A103 which is not listed on the drawing and I can only assume it is the blank room next to A102..

We have our first booth convert!

Just kidding, he's already a 405th member.

Booth space was looking good, though footraffic was hard to find.
I stopped by your booth on Saturday and you guys ROCK! Everyone in attendance was so friendly and inviting to the maker-culture. Everyone had so much helpful insight to the community and seemed genuinely excited to introduce me and my wife to what the 405th is all about. Thank you!

You all inspired me so much that I came home and quickly ordered countless supplies so that I can begin my journey in crafting my own set of armor and weapons!

See you guys on the battlefield soon!
That’s amazing man, super happy to see you come around! These forums are perfect for any questions you have, hope to see your first costume soon!
No, I’m fixing it up this weekend. I’m replacing the plastic with bolts so I’ll need help taking it on and off, but past that it’s good for me to put on alone.
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