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405th Regiment Officer
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Wabat BCO After Action Report
The mission was a success. The Pacific Recruitment Booth was a success as usual. Even got a couple comments from people who thought we were an official or sponsored space. The flood add on to the booth courtesy of TurboCharizard was a welcome addition. It definitely caught a lot of attention and generated many oohs.

I was joined at the booth both days by ArcSol and on Saturday by Deaadshot. Deaadshot even donated an unfinished 3d printed BR to the booth. Our rack was lacking in the medium sized props so I am very grateful for his generosity.

We all got to meet Randal Ng who was an animator on Halo 4/5 and is also known for creating a MC costume for his son dubbed "Mini Chief". He is a very nice guy and is still crafting costumes as seen here with his most recent Mini Dredd.

Turned out that Microsoft dropped the ball a bit when their representative never showed up to run some gaming tournaments the first day. Luckily a friend of ours, James of Neighborhood Heroes, stepped up his tourney game to run a Super Smash tournament every hour which ended up being the biggest hit of the show. I felt bad they didn't give him any prizes to hand out so I bought this Warthog on site and gave it to him. Also, during set up James was kind enough to let us hang our banner in his area. It was the best publicity as every hour the announcer would tell people to sign up for the tournaments under the 405th Infantry banner.