Painted westerfield helm w/pics!

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Ok so i got around to painting my westerfield studios... IM NOT THE BEST AT IT! I used adams tut and colors. But im didnt do the best with weathering and primer. It took some time but i got the hang of it. I think its decent but it could use a new paint but i dont want to do that. I am happy with the result so thats all that matters. Im gettin the gold visor so it looks a little better. There wont be lights but i will pad it. I didnt know others sold helms so this is what i got. Tell me how you think it is! And i used a sock as the cloth.

Credit goes to Adm for his colors and tut. I wanted to make my helm look good. Not with the cheap paint he usually uses.

Helm pics view album

Nice kickflip btw ;)

it looks good. Would you recommend it to others? westerfields products, that is.
Its Ok. But rivet is a downer. Its kinda flimsy but it serves it purpose. Ill say its good for a price.

Oh thanks it only took me 20 tries to get on film. :lol: I LOVE MY HUSKIES!!!! You may NOT have them! :sick:
the helm was $99.oo plust paint so mabe another $30 and im gettin a gold visor for it and thats another $32. And im not sure about the dogs. Like $700+

And they both have vet speacilist cause the black one has siezures and blonde has a poop problem with her pancreis so there on specialmedication and food. nick names are pooh bear for saphie and poop dog for suede, Since she had a poop problem
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