Painting Technique - Version 2

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nice choice of music adam :p

loving the way you did the weathering, and the spot touches of the green you did back over, after you did the "ink wash" with the black. very nice, adds a lot of color variation over the whole of the chest.

diggin it man :)


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Thats really cool! its great that you share this stuff Adam, i still think about how the heck did you made that armor XD
ok i making a pep helmet and wanna know wat paint did you use adam or somebody who else knows and where can i buy this spray paint i live in Illinios


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You can purchase spray paint in most Wal-Marts, Hardware stores, Paint stores and Craft stores.

Sigma LS

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Works like a charm Adam :cool:

Thanks so much for the vid.



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When I make my armor I'll probably use this technique, except a bit different 'cause my armor will be black. thanks for the vid Adam!


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Hey Adam, how would you go about painting the armor of this guy?

They have that kinda glossy/metalic shiney armor, but it still looks dull at the same time.
well this is getting pretty damn old but wat kind of spary paint do ,i use to paint my armor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan Roajs said:
well csn i use this with any spary paint
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