Papercraft and armour making


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ok how do you scale on this thing...i looked all over cant find anything, the help doesnt work

Sigma LS

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First you have to unfold the model.

Then click on "2DPatternWindow", scroll down to "Scale Up/Down Development by Specifying Value" then enter the correct scale number or the correct assembled height.

Sigma LS

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Darth-Malevelus said:
What weapon is the one seen in the Halo 3 trailer?

Does anyone know where to get a 3d file on that? Id like to build that rifle too.
Ummm. There should be a downloadable weapons pack for Halo 1 that has it.

Plus you could always ask Doom or Tac for it.

I went with option number 4044 myself ;-) see sig. Theres no way I could make one that would both look good and have the internal space to convert to an airsoft.
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Frizzlefry said:
Hey Jedi, are you going to do .pdo's for the hands or are you done?
the hands are in the same file as the forearms just attatch it to some moto gloves or something
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Like sycospartan says, The back of the hands are included in the forearm pdo's.

I only ever envisioned the papercraft templates as a starting point. You still need to assemble and reinforce the parts.

Darth Malevelus

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its the same automatic rifle in Halo combat evolved. with the triagular hud.

Id like to make that weapon too. I think it would complete the costume. It would be otherwise like vader with no red light saber.


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Well I had a big post about the diffrences between the Halo 1 and Halo 3 AR.

Simpley, the Halo 3 AR is a MA5C, its a newer and modifyed Halo 1 MA5B.

Personally I don't know anyone who has really made a model of the gun :roll: . I am the only one that I know has actually made one... There have been others... but they just remodel the Halo 1 MA5B, I make my stuff from scratch, and it always turns out better and more orignal then others that attempt something.

Here are the most recent pictures of my MA5C model. This isn't complete yet and may be inaccurate in places, but I have yet to fix a few things.

Ignore the blocky flashlight.


Sean Bradley

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Thats AMAZING!!!

Though I have to admit when I first saw it I thought somone primered Links AR. :mrgreen:


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umm how am i suppose to print on american paper XD i tried to print somthing but it seemed way to small to me... help please.


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umm to add on to that how do you change the color of the peices you print out i dont want them to all be gray i just wan them white and the lines to show up so i dont waste toner or ink, depends what i print on.