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ok so im new and im having troble with my pep bicep.... cant figure it out! =( most of the folds dont have numbers... only went up to 8 and them some of the peices dont even have folds!! =(<--- as confused as this made me im alson confused about what to do with the part that wouldnt fit on 1 page.... same with the forearms when it wont fit on 1 page do i just glue all the peices together then cut it out???? i have the helmet nearly complete all it needs is boding and painting... plzz advise!!!! or else all is lost! thx! :tutu: I can give pics if it helps.... PLZZ ADVISE>>>!!!

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Once you get it SCALED you can move the pieces to where they are centered on each page. If a part doesn't fit on the page you can "Join/Disjoin" the parts so they do fit on the page. Click on the part that doesn't fit and right click... then pick "Join/Disjoin" and cut the part in half.
hit the 123 button and check "display edge ID" it should print out numbers, i swear people these days making armor without even reading (not you, but i mean in general)
ok thx guys!! correct me if im wrong but i use the same scale as helmet right???? and ABOFRost i have the id edge on like i said it printed out some numbers but there are a few peices without numbers and fold lines... just wondering if it is expos to be that way... the one im useing is the one from the pep data basem +) thx for teh replies :)
Use same scale for helmet and everything, and those, those are suppose to be that way, those are the edges that arent connected to anything, if you mean the tab itself is not numbered, it may be your printer is running out of ink, not sure.
I reccomend doing this type of stuff at home, your school is monitoring the sites you view in their server, I goofed off once when I used to be in public school, after a while I was called to the principal and told school isnt for me to play online, school is to study...but now I do all my school online, so really I can goof off here and there, if i'm reading some long paper I'll read 2-3 pages, make a post, go back, read 2-3 more, make another post....and so on.
hmmm our school is not quite to that level of gayness but im sure they will be on there way.... idk tho my boss caught my principle smoking weed behind the countryclub where i work so maby i can use that as a little blackmail in the future... if events come to that lol... true story... neway yeah... i have my helmet fiberglassed and resined so im about to bondo the bad boy... ill post some pics tomarrow if i have time :) still having problems with bicept tho the parts that dont have edges flaps or any part to glue others to.. so what im trying to do is cut little square peices out score them, glue them onto one peice and then the other... is this a good idea or should i be doing something else??

PICs to come
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