Pepakura Helmet #2

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After hours upon hours of cutting and folding cardstock, the helmet is done.

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My plans are to:

I need some help tho.
1. The helmet's scale is 25cm, but the hole is clearly too small for my head. Do i cut out more from the bottom rim until it fits?
2. I am going to resin and fiberglass it. What do i use to keep the paint brush fibers from becoming hard and stuck together after im done with the first application of resin?
3. Do you fiberglass the inside or outside of the helmet? Which is best?

4. I might order those gold visors from the "Dual Visor" tutorial, will they fit?
5. I want to give it a great paint job, so i will be reading the tutorials, but advice from the experts will be most appreciated.
Not Bad, but what's up with that rubber band?

Also, for the image thing, do this


Then, put your link (which in this case is in the middle of the

So it would be .
I dont know about the neck size problem. I made my helmet with the scaling at a 7ft super soldier, and my head barely fit in.

Use mineral spirits for the brush cleaning. I usually get 3-4 uses out of one brush that away.

Im fiberglassing the inside so that I can sand down through the paper and then do my detailing ontop of the fiberglass.
The bottom of the helm is really meant to be soft armor and fit around your neck. So you should widen the bottom by cutting it.

Besides, the H2 MC doesn't exactly have human proportions.
This fiberglass is depressing me. I've only done like 80% of the helmet and im on my 4th paint brush. I'm using acetone but its not working that well. Any tips?
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