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Great Saiyaman helmet

I've searched everywhere to no avail; during my search I discovered this pepakura and it peaked my interest. Anyone have, know of or can create a pep file for his helmet?

Reference photos:
This shows a little of the back and good ref for the front.

Another front

A not that good reference of the back

If not then I'll settle with my first plan of remodeling a motorcycle helmet, even then I'll probably need help from y'all with fiberglassing and bondo etc.

Thanks in advance.


okay evreybody so heres gliscors collar almost finished:p it just has a few pages with unorganized peices, but its unfolded still

Awesome, Ive been curious about it since its started. And In my own opinion having the Collar closed like it is may make it harder to strengthen if someone goes with the Fiberglass strengthening method. And i also liked how you Left the hole for the head out lol makes it easier to harder and strengthen then just cut it out. Nice Job. d >u< b!

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I'm not sure if this would be the place for it, but would I be able to get a hand on unfolding a model? It's the Tallgeese from gundam wing, and I already turned it into a .pdo but it needs to be unfolded. I got the model from google sketchup and it seems to be open source, so I don't believe I'm infringing on his rights by converting it to pdo. File is here:

That's a copy of the one I'm working on, but so far my unfold is crappy and looks insanely complicated, and I figured a fresh start would be better for anyone who was trying to help. I plan on scaling it up to a costume size for a wearable build, so I don't know if that would affect how I should be unfolding it. I started out with it scaled to 1ft high, just to make the pieces large enough to deal with clearly, and so it's a perfect size for my bookshelf =D

Any and all help is appreciated, be it a complete unfold or just some tips!



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Good day to all i would like to request a pepakura file of the german prototype tank the Maus i have been having a hard tome unfolding it and i was hoping someone here can help me.


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I am looking for models or pep files of Helmet additions. Specifically EOD Reach Helmet Add-Ons. Can anyone help?

Here ya go~

Best I could find. n . n

Could someone make Gliscor's Collar Piece (Excluding the black cloth-thinggy, just the Purple), and Claws? There aren't really many angles/references of it, but this is all I could find.




Extra References;

Sorry for asking again, but the person that was originally making the files for me hasn't replied for 3-4 days, and I really need to hurry up, and get this stuff finished soon. Again, sorry for asking again. xD;;


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Anyone have files for the gauntlets from Batman Begins? I hesitate to ask as a new member, but I did search and could not locate them. I went through the 200 pages here, but did it on my iPhone so I may have missed it. The only thing I found were templates for foam over at
If someone could link or even confirm if they exist I would appreciate it.
Thank you very much

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can someone please tell me where the heck i get the files for a pilot helmet? cant find any threads anywhere that have link to print pieces


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I am trying to find files for Colonial Marines armor from Aliens. I have found several link from searching, but they all are broken. If someone can point me in the right direction, that would be great!
I also am looking for an egg file. I prefer an Aliens egg, but any egg will do as I plan to use it just as an underbase and add quite a bit of detailing with foam etc. I do have an Aliens egg file, but it has some kind of password on it. IF anyone is familiar with this file, perhaps you know the pass?


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can someone make a bioshock rosie model? i just need a model, i can unfold it if it helps. or if anyone knows a rosie file somewhere that would make me poop my pants. rosie is a extremely rare item so thats why im asking. heres a link for soem referance photos. and if someone does this it doesn't have to be detailed. see this is the one he did. but i cant find it anywhere :(

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I was wondering if anyone here could bring some unfolded(i'm a newbie, sorry) pepakura files of the Riot Armor from Fallout: New Vegas, you know the ones the NCR rangers use, to this thread. It would surely be greatly appreciated.

btw I'm hoping for the actual body armor itself along with the helmet

Thank you for your time


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have any one the files ore know where to found the dead space military suit especially the helmet

and Kelly-087 Mark IV EVA Armor especially the helmet


i would be very happy :)


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Item Name

Halo Reach Recon Armor

Item Source

Halo Reach

Reference Images

Additional Info
must be a slightly modified version of the halo 3 armor helmet. Also, could you send it to me as a pepakura file please? that would be great.
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