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Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by nuhkschuitykaht, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. Fuzzytrexy

    Fuzzytrexy New Member

    How about the goggles tim has in jurassic park
  2. Fllschrimjager


    Did you end up finding these legs? I would be interested in this file to.
  3. Chernobyl


    Since I mentioned that the Halo 5 Recon set features the legs in question, it's safe to assume that I found them.
  4. K3v

    K3v New Member

    Item Name: Hunter Armor
    Item Source:
    Halo 5
    Reference Images:
    Additional Info:
    Existing File Link:

    I am trying to make Spartan Locke's armor, but I haven't found any hunter armor pep files. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could make this.
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  5. Chernobyl


    Hunter files exist within the Archive in raw OBJ format. Feel free to grab them and have a go yourself.
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  6. Sierra 107

    Sierra 107 Membership Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Item Name: Centurion Armour, Hermes Armour
    Item Source: Halo 5
    Reference Images:
    Additional Info:I have the high quality OBJs from Waypoint, however I'm desperately in need of an unfolder for both sets as I only have 51 days to build Fred's Centurion armour, same for another member of the team repping Kelly-087's Hermes armour.
    Existing File Link: Will PM whomever can unfold them, too many files to link/too large to upload.
  7. Mr skywalker

    Mr skywalker New Member

    Maybe I just haven't found it if it already exists but I really think someone should make pep files for the halo combat evolved anniversary master chief.
  8. Jessie

    Jessie New Member

    Hey all, I have been lurking around this forum for a while picking up pdo. files of what I need over the last few months and i have decided I should make an account and ask if anyone could help.

    I am looking for an armor set and sword from the anime Claymore. Any help or pointing me in the right direction of who I can ask etc. would be simply amazing. Thank you again all <3

    here is some awesome reference photos

    claymore_clare_by_dimension_dino-d8m03qy.png claymore_clare_anime_hd-wallpaper-340453.jpg


  9. EPalpatine

    EPalpatine New Member

    Does anyone have Dungbeetle's Stormtrooper shoulder file? Anything I can find for them has expired links and I've found his page on; however, the link keeps redirecting to OpenDrive. I'm currently at a loss as to how to acquire them at this point. If someone could send me them, I'd be grateful.
  10. If at all possible, I'm looking for a completed power armor frame file for some Fallou 4 armor. I'd love a straight obj rip from the game personally, cause I'm looking to keep it all at in game scale and proportions.
  11. Kor


    Would it be possible for someone to break the female Argus armor down into the armor pieces? If that makes any sense. I've tried to do it myself, but I suck at it. I wanted to take a crack at unfolding and building it.
  12. Bumblebee1188


    Any luck with the legs? I glanced in the halo 4 and halo 5 file sections and didn't see anything.

  13. Chernobyl


    I uploaded the full Halo 5 Recon set yesterday, I do believe. You'll find them in the Halo 5 OBJ section of the Archive.
  14. Bumblebee1188


    Found them! Thanks :D
  15. Lazarus215


    I've seen some requests in here for the Centurion armor sets. As of now, I've split up the armor sets from the .obj files in the pack on the database. (I currently have them in STL format, unscaled) if someone is working on unfolding these and needs the pieces separated, please contact me and I'll get the individual files to you ASAP.
  16. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Could anyone point me towards an OG Stormtrooper? I've been looking for awhile and I've found every variant from all the different series, but I can't find just the regular stormtrooper from episodes 4 - 6.
  17. ADMRLParangosky

    ADMRLParangosky New Member

    Does anyone know if the Foehammer armor from Halo 5 is being worked on?
  18. PaleASSASSIN04

    PaleASSASSIN04 New Member

    Athlon Armor set and Helm included (will give credit to file builder)

    Athlon 1.jpg athlon2.jpg athlon 3.jpg

    Athlon 1.jpg


    athlon 3.jpg
  19. Chernobyl


    We have raw files in the Archive, you're more than welcome to try turning your hand towards unfolding them yourself.
  20. Thefabricator


    hey i was just curious if anyone had the obj files for the hunter bicep and shoulder plate?
  21. Chernobyl


    If you're referring to the Halo 5 armour as worn by Spartan Locke, then yes, there are files in the Archive. Please do some research before making requests.
  22. Thefabricator


    iv done my research! im well aware that file is in the archive!, i was hoping someone would have the part as an individual file

  23. Chernobyl


    You're more than welcome to break the file down yourself in Blender. It's fairly simple.
  24. Thefabricator


    im just still fairly new, but your right i could. there is a lot to learn about pep and building armor, it doesnt hurt anyone to ask for a helping hand!

  25. Chernobyl


    That's absolutely fine, my friend. I'm more than happy to help people out, but it's also worth bearing in mind that, here on the 405th, we're as much about cultivating an attitude towards helping yourself as well as other people.

    If you need assistance with Blender I'm more than happy to give you some pointers.
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