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Lets get some ideas here!

We need a 405th logo. If you use the halo font, I will ban you

Make me a 405th logo that we can use on t-shirts, hats, stickers etc.
I could try something out, with Paint and GIMP, but can I have some specifications such as Size, Style, Color, etc. So I know where I'm going :)
You should have a tag line to go with it. Also, if you are screen printing these, I would make one design to put on shirts and such very simple without too many colors. Another design could be for stickers and the more detailed shirts and hats and so on. Basically more colors means more expensive when screen printing is invovled. My buddy does some for part of his business.

Just an idea, but something like '405th - Reporting For Duty' for the tag line. That's a really bad example but you get the idea, right.
I can do something for you guys, I'm a texture artist and graphics designer, just PM me what you want on it and I'll start asap.
Here's a quick sketch I did this weekend... The lines and large text aren't symmetrical or perfect, I don't have AI and paths in PS are a pain. So it was drawn in ink, colored in Photoshop. And technically I think it should be permissable, it isn't using an actual likeness, just geometrical shapes.

EDIT: Wow I totally need to fix the UNSC (wrote it as USNC), don't know how I didn't catch that till now. Late night drawing, not enough coffee, I guess.

Hey, looks pretty good! I like that a lot :)
Like you mentioned though, the lines could be cleaner/more symmetrical and such.
You should probably try fixing that. Won't be too hard seeing as it will have to be done as a vector for the final thing.
okay i can do that
any like color limits like two colors for some designs or what

because id go insane on it like my sig here :p
well Ruze kinda beat me to the idea of using master chief's visor but what the hell i can come up with some other ideas

this is wat i was thinkin
just a few ideas


more on the way :p
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