Pictures of Elephant and Horne Flying Craft - lockout remake

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Is that an elite in Mjolnir armor at the bottom?

The elephant looks like that destroyed thing on Relic.

That weird shield thing acts like a bubble shield but you can shoot through it from the inside.

I can't wait to play Tsavo Highway. The second level has a battle with more people from Halo 1 all together. To quote frankie.
Okay, it's been placed on Halopedia that the D77H-TCI Pelican Dropship is Not usable in Multiplayer. But is that a CQB Armor variant I see there? Unless they're available in Campaign Mode, which I highly doubt because it would mess with the storyline (I think), that means that it's a Multiplayer screenshot. That, to me, translates as Pelicans being a usable vehicle in Halo 3. BOOYIKA!
Pretty soon Japan might even make those ships and weapons...Its so awesome how far Japanese technology has gone.
Is that another armor variant, in the pic with the Elephant. It's right next to the guy throwing the grenade. And what is that gun under that picture. hmm. Halo 3 is going to be the sh!t!
No, theres no way thats cqb, its not big enough, and cqb does have a colored band going around side. It has to be cobra.
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