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Pipninja's custom noble VI

Discussion in 'Halo Costumes and Armor' started by pipninja, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. pipninja


    I am finally doing a full suit!

    I have created helmets in the past but never got past them. I recently discovered armorsmith and it has made everything way easier to size and work with.

    update plan.PNG

    I have not decided on the helmet so I will actually be doing it last. but I will be doing everything else right now.

    I will post weekly updates every Friday as to motivate me to keep working. For now here is the first update.
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  2. pipninja


    Update 1:

    In this first update I started with the chest, since it is the hardest. I completed the front of the chest and relearned the ropes of foam in the process (Including burring myself several times with hot glue, rip pip)

    I tried to include detail as I went and I am happy with how it turned out

    That is it for tonight, Ill see you guys in a week
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  3. TheBlueDragon25

    TheBlueDragon25 New Member

    I'ma just lurk and watch someone with more experience than myself at this work their magic and hopefully learn a few things as this is already starting to look good
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  4. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Foam work looks pretty clean and the detail is great. I know your helmets turned out well so I have no doubt with this and the est of the suit. Not to critique but have you tried it on yet? That armor smith pic you posted looks like you left very little room for error, looks snug.
  5. pipninja


    Yeah I was noticing that, I might have to remake it. Tomorrow I am going to asses it to see if I need to tweak stuff.
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  6. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Another heads up I also think the arms and thighs look a bit tight for foam. I just got armor smith and have been playing with it.... I actually sized my latest helmet the Warmaster with it. I'm scared..... it looks small :unsure:
  7. pipninja


    So small update, I opened up armor smith, and decided to resize everything. Every piece I made a bit bigger. Thank you to SI3RRA 117 for pointing his out, When working with foam I didn't take into account how think it would be. not to mention the extra bulk of the under suit. Here is the updated size update plan v2.PNG

    I came to this size conclusion after getting another opinion on my size test. So now I am going to try to make as much progress as possible. WP_20170716_002.jpg
  8. pipninja


    For your helmet, if you get the impression that it is small, try to size it up by .05 or by .1
    That small change can make the difference
  9. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Did you size the forearms,thighs and shins ? They seem a bit small still. The thighs and shins seem to have the length ok but they still look narrow. I think the legs are tough because the spartan and seem to have such long legs. So the models end up really long or tall. Also what's up with the boots?? They appear quite large
    As for my helmet I'm going to see how it goes. I had sized it in armor smith with no other armor pieces on the mannequin. I think that's why I aight have sized it a little small. But I think it all be ok I'll just have to open up the neck opening a bit.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2017
  10. pipninja


    SI3RRA 117 I took into account the thighs and shins, and they look small just because how long my legs are, I've checked them in the program and there is space all around my leg. and my boots are quite large cause I am making them over shoes. plus I wear a size 13. also the center brace on the shoe is separated and farther out than where it goes on the actual boot
  11. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Ok just checking......
  12. pipninja



    So just a small update this week, I plan to be more productive next week lol. I've traced all my patterns for now.
  13. pipninja


    It's a bit late in the day, almost forgot about the update, just been working.

    This update I remade the chest piece bigger. image.jpeg

    Also I added the diffusers for the lights. I just used a flashlight as a test image.jpeg image.jpeg

    I am happier with how this chest came out better, compared with the smaller one image.jpeg
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  14. Jesse

    Jesse New Member

    Looking great. Love the lights! Can you share how you've done these? I'm still working on how to incorporate lights into my suit.
  15. pipninja


    To to diffuse my lights, I actually cut a piece of plexi glass, and glued it on the back side of the hole. Then from the front I made a pool of hot glue in the hole, so when the glue set, it smoothed out and is very foggy. I work with high temp hot glue, so it had a chance to settle smooth before it cooled. As for the actual lights, I just did a test with a flashlight. But I plan to use batterie powered led lights. When I get to lighting, I will show specifics.
  16. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    Lights look cool and check came out great. that's a big difference in size hopefully didn't go too big. Look forward to next update
  17. pipninja


    SI3RRA 117 Here is a size fit test. It is perfect :D image.jpeg
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  18. pipninja


    Bit of a late update today, I've been working all day trying to make up for how busy I was during the week. I got the majority of the chest done.
    I also put in a few of the light diffusers

    Tomorrow I will probably post a small update of just the completed chest plate
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  19. pipninja


    Well it has been awhile, and while I have a little progress, it also comes with bad news, I have been caught up and been busy lately where I haven't had the time for armor. I currently am shipping out in a month for the navy. I have decided to not complete the full armor, simply because of the huge time constraint. Unexpected things came up that unfortunately pushed me to this decision.
    However, there is still good news, I have been teaching my brother in armor making, and he is currently working on an odst armor. In order to teach him the full process, I am doing a complete armor price fully finished from start to finish and paint.
    well I decided to add another helmet to my collection. So I pulled a grind with my friends to get my all time favorite helmet in halo reach. The gungnir helmet! I have finished basic construction and detail, next step is the sealing, finishing, and painting. WP_20170819_002.jpg
  20. Austin3991


    You build looks awesome man! I'm sorry to see that you don't plan on finishing it. Best of luck in the Navy!
  21. Dirtdives


    Best of luck and God bless. Thank you for your service. We'll keep the torch burning bright till your return.
  22. pipninja


    Final update,
    I finished the paint on the helmet, and it looks sick :D
    WP_20170825_002.jpg WP_20170825_003.jpg WP_20170825_004.jpg WP_20170825_006.jpg WP_20170825_015.jpg WP_20170825_005.jpg WP_20170825_017.jpg
    And I can see through the peephole

    Thank you Dirtdives and Austin3991 for the support. :) For now I will take a long break from the forms, but I will return. It won't be for forever. I am really excited for the navy and I appreciate the support for that. I hope that I can return soon to keep the torch burning, as put by Dirtdives. I have learned so much and been glad to be a part of this community, the forms have been such a great and supporting place. Well, until I return, keep on building and doing what you guys do best. For now, this is goodbye for me :)
  23. PerniciousDuke

    PerniciousDuke RXO 405th Regiment Officer

    Good luck Pip! We'll hopefully see you soon.
  24. pipninja


    not completely back yet, but soon.... for now, here are some pics I had sent to me from home, showing the progress I made right before I left. I plan to be working on this build come october, because that's when i move into a house, but for now imma see what I can do here. received_10213286253965377.jpeg received_10213286254245384.jpeg received_10213286254525391.jpeg

    Ohh, and my dad tried it on while he was at it
  25. Sean Anwalt

    Sean Anwalt RCO 405th Regiment Officer

    Looking great! I like the way you used the detail side of the foam for parts of the backpack.
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