Plaster of Paris

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will plaster of paris(the powdered stuff) work as an alternative for that metallic putty stuff in the other thread for smoothing down a pep'd helmet because it works the same way for smeariing it on with a putty knife im just wondering if it will work out to be almost the same

thnx :)
plaster would definatly be more porous, so i don't know how the paint would take it.
it also tends to chip a lot, and the bondo putty or glaze are multiples stronger.

but, if you're on a small budget, i say go for it.
not really. Body fillers and glaze are much more durable than plaster. Plaster is extremely heavy, and extremely brittle. If you smoothed out your whole suit using plaster it'd weigh a good 100 pounds..

and crack as soon as you bumped into something.

stick with bondo, or that glaze that Spase is using. They're made to withstand the stress of being part of a car. they work well for this :)
yeah he's got a point there... one smack and your armor might crumble. im also not sure how well it would adhere to paper.
hey man i know it looks good but dont do it iv done it with mine and that **** is about to go in the trash y because that ship chip like a mother f***** so if u want to try go for it but just take it from me its very bad i should have used bond my next suit will like really good so i hope this helps and later ill post some pics on how it will look

^ Idiot

Anyhow, despite what everyone else here has said, it works rather well. As a filler. I'm using it on my helmet right now and it works great, but I did the correct prep on the surface. That, and I'm doing the small details in Bondo because plaster doesn't like to do details. I'm also sealing it with a thin coat of resin, which takes paint beautifully.

I say go for it, I'd love to see someone besides me work with it.
Plaster breaks so easily, they use it for molds, not the armor itself, that thing cracks so easily, your armor will fall apart while you put it on, body filler is strong and plastic is just brittle, nothing can replace res/glass and body filler.
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