Please Pray

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Ok my friend micheal has recently been having headaches so he went to the doctor and they said it was probaly strep throat they ran the test and it wasnt so he got a scan to see what was causing the head aches turn out it was a inoprable brain tumor so please pray for him and his family they have already lost a child they dont need to loose another
Will do. I have some friends who've lost two members to cancer in two weeks. It was a really tough time for them and us. Tell your friend that you've got friends praying.
thats really bad to hear, i have a friend whos dad has leucemia and i prayed for them so il pray for your friend also, i hope he does get better.
My friends dad has 2 more months before he died of brain cancer/tumor, we all prayed for him, doctors stopped chemo and radiation because they claimed it was too into his brain, chemo wouldnt help, so they just told him, sorry, enjoy your 2 months of life. Funny, because he technically has 1 more week of life left, yet the last MRI or whatever brain scan shows the tumor is gone, doctors say he wont be kicking the bucket.
Wow. He and his family are in my prayers. I'll see if i can get him into my church's prayer chain if you'd like?
Update not looking good....he has brain cancer and i would love it if you would get him in your church prayer chain pray for a christmas miracle or something i would give up all my presents for years to come to see him get better
I got your friend into my Church's pray ring. I pray that he gets well. Who knows, the Lord works in mysterious ways, and has made some pretty wacky things (Medically) in my life happen.

You are in my family's thouhts.
P.S. I read your post in the other topic. (Pray for my Xbox) Agree with you. i'm not going to be prayin for some toy...
in the name of the father the son and the holy spirt guide us through our time of need and let us all grouo togher settle our differences and pray for a cure to cancer
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