Polygon reduction I need some help

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Darth Malevelus

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I am working on alot more than just my spartan armor. Being in the 501st means I have lots of projects pretty much all the time. One of which is (thanks to pepakura) an episode 3 clone trooper costume.

However, apparently not many programs can work with MS Vista yet in cluding polygon cruncher and 3dsmax. I managed to find a couple of programs to dice up the model that were free and pretty small DL wise, but like pepakura they lock up when trying to reduce the polys. I need someones help to reduce the poly's down to a manageable count for pepakura to unfold, hopefully you all have better comps than I do LOL.

Can anyone help? Just the helmet alone is over 67K poly's and a 9 meg file.


Typically I would use 3ds Max's Optimize modifier. However you can't use 3ds max. 67k poly’s is way to many for just a helmet though. Its an incredible waste of poly‘s. I think the Halo 2 Chief model is about 9000 poly’s total.

I’m not surprised at all that its crashing Pepakura. I can't imagine anything as simple as that being able to handle such a high poly model. You are going to have a lot of work to do. The helmet once optimized, (however you figure that out) will have to be Uvwed like I explained in the other topic. But I was so graciously ignored by everyone. Uvwing will take a long long time for a inexperienced person like you.

You almost might want to drop Pepakura on this and use your real world skill to make this helmet, just like the other costumes you have made.

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