Prices of various parts of the hobby.

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I'd like to start a comprehensive thread on the costs of getting into each type of costume making strategy.

Such things I would like to know are:

How much does it cost to make a good vacu-form table

How much is the plastic for vacu-forming

What supplies (and how much do they roughly come out to be) do you need to make molds and final casts?

How useful is kitbashing for Halo weapons?

What other techniques would you guys suggest?

I have a whole bunch of things that I need to make and I would like to learn, and at least try, every technique out there.

Thank you everyone!
Alright, that helps some, but i still need help with the vacu-forming. That would be invaluable for stuff like marine armor. By the way, would it be legal for me to make and sell marine vacu-formed armor like they do at for stormtroopers?
Its perfectly legal just dont make a name for yourself through advertising, If you get a licence with bungie then that would be hella cool, but if not then just be careful to not really advertise and sell your armor creations once in a while
50 dollars parts for a vacume forming table + a shop vacume ofr 3HP...50 more....



Clay 2-300

It all depends where you buy and how much.

All together 900-1400 to make.
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