Props Product Review: Airsoft Halo MA-5B Assault Rifle (Evike CB-88 Chrono Blaster)


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Still on the back burner, though I was eyeballing it the other day. I am doing a full-metal and fiberglass AR that is a true bullpup right now. It has been a long slow road to get my CNC and CAD skills to where I need, but the current project requires a custom gearbox which is no small matter. Anyway, once I have a prototype gearbox cut, I'll go live with that thread. I'll keep the airsoft gas blowback Magnum burning, though slowly.


Sounds good. I am very interested in the Magnum airsoft build and how you intend to do it. Please do keep me updated! Also, great job on the Spartan Laser! I know you've probably gotten this a lot, but would you be willing to sell it? Are you planning on making more to sell? I feel so embarrassed asking :( Please don't roast me alive! Lol.


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Sounds good. I am very interested in the Magnum airsoft build and how you intend to do it. Please do keep me updated! Also, great job on the Spartan Laser! I know you've probably gotten this a lot, but would you be willing to sell it? Are you planning on making more to sell? I feel so embarrassed asking :( Please don't roast me alive! Lol.

No problem. I am wavering between a ground-up build of the Magnum (solid aluminum frame) using off-the-shelf valving for the firing and blowback mechanisms or a modification of a USP platform. The USP matches the angles and control placement of the Magnum almost exactly, but uses a double-stack mag. This frame could be cut and added to be a Magnum and further modified to take a 1911 magazine as the basis of a Magnum build.

As for the Spartan Laser. I don't take offense to people asking about it. That is a sincere compliment. The Splaser is definitely not for sale. I'm still trying to get up to a full Halo loadout. I get asked on YouTube almost weekly (now 307,000 views!). It would be very expensive and though not particularly maintenance-intensive, does need a skilled hand to keep it at top performance.



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New to the forum and just signed up because of this thread (although I am looking forward to exploring the others).

I have wanted one of these for YEARS and finally tracked one down randomly on Craigslist about 30 minutes away from me for a ridiculously low price (I've either built up some real good Karma or, more likely, am preparing myself to pay it forward for a while).

Amazing write up Redshirt, you said it perfectly with "The gun is basically an orphan. This thread seems to be the only collection of data on this gun" because once I got the ball rolling on getting mine I’ve been doing nothing but research and your info (including YouTube videos) and the community comments have been the single most reliable source. Kudos to the community as well for that matter.

For the record, I fall on the side of die-hard Halo fan rather than Airsoft so the idea of having a nearly perfect replica of every Spartans' BFF, that has functional electronics and even shoots anything is a dream come true. Just putting in perspective that this will be “idolized” more than “weaponized”.

Now to my questions:
1) I'm not sure if the one I am picking up has the instructions so did you ever get a chance to post them somewhere Redshirt?

2) Based on the fact I won't be using this gun for Airsoft but will shoot it occasionally, any recommendations of upgrades or preventative maintenance? I read through everything and it seems like nothing I need to do based on my intended use (or lack thereof) besides maybe upgrade the light because, well, who doesn't love a 1000 lumen tac-light.

3) Only place I could find anything close to a number of these produced was in this thread and I think it was said about 200 that have just been trickled into the market. Here we are years later and does anyone know how accurate that number ended up being? Just curious how much of a Unicorn this ended up being.

4) Like someone else mentioned, finding out which battery to get was one of the most difficult pieces of information to ascertain. Again, knowing close to nothing about airsoft, I ended up getting the following battery. Any confirmation that this will fit and work well or should I drop it down to the 8.4V, different brand, size, etc.?

Tenergy 9.6V Airsoft Battery High Capacity 1600mAh NiMH Flat Battery Pack with Mini Tamiya Connector for Airsoft Guns
(So knew to the site that I can’t post links yet but this is the exact name on Amazon).

Thanks again for all the information and I’m looking forward to learning more.

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Hello Wesley117!

I have a few points to bring up regarding this subject, and I'm going to start with the ugly one so it's out of the way:

405th does not and cannot condone the use of airsoft guns (or paintball or anything fun really) because if liability reasons. If we did, and someone got hurt, that could come back to haunt us and that's a liability we don't want. So it is fine for you to airsoft, but as a forum rule generally, don't let us know about it, and especially don't do it in your armor.
jonsam17, this thread is two years old. Please don't reply to threads if they're more than 3 -6 months old. That is considered necro- posting and pushes active threads down. It's poor forum etiquette.

As a former airsofter, I imagine you'd have more than one option for batteries. Unless your calling about the taclight. In which case I've had tremendous success and good experiences with Streamlight and their TLR-1HL. It takes 2x123 batteries, and when you shine it on the sidewalk at noon you can see it even in daylight.

For other information regarding the product, please PM redshirt directly.

Thanks for understanding, and welcome to the 405!


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CB-88 Instructions

Yes, necroposting is one point of etiquette we try to follow here. The 405th does tolerate the construction of airsoft weapons replicas. You won't be welcome at most cons with such an item however. 343i even featured my airsoft Spartan Laser in the old Waypoint e-magazine. You will find these being employed by players wearing certified protective gear. What the 405th frowns upon is any connection between this community and the construction and wear of self-made armor for extreme sports as our armor cannot be certified to meet ANSI (or whatever your country uses) standards for protection.

That said, your request for the instructions is a valid one as very few of these replicas actually shipped with any documentation. I've had several owners request them. Since this old thread is already bumped, I'll post them here. I've addressed your other requests in a PM.

Welcome indeed to the 405th. Let me know if I can help further.

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